Sunday, October 03, 2010

Weekend Crafty-ness at Crafty Mamas

Yesterday I had a chance to get some primary and secondary dyes made up. Apparently they keep for up to 2 weeks in a fridge, so I snuck them into the husbands beer fridge ;). After making up the dyes and my soda solution...I just HAD to have a go at these rainbows. I have only ever dyed using two colours before, any more and I seemed to end up with mud. But thanks to the dvd Tie Dye 101, I was full of confidence.  I did not have urea or the alginate stuff, but I soldiered on.

The first problem I encountered, one of my Russian Blues is for some reason attracted  to dye. After numerous attempts to lock him out of the laundry where I was working ( he has figured out how to open the door and kept springing up into my work space!)..I had to move camp out to the hubby's garage. That was ok, as I could use the vice to tip my plastic tray up on an angle to help the excess dye run off.

The second problem , clumsy me knocked the tray and excess dye ran everywhere back onto my garments. Swearing and cursing, I took it all in my stride.If the dye had of been thickened a bit this may not have been so bad. But all was not lost...and I learned what to NOT do for next week.

Here's the results of my first go at several colours.

From a plain white $4 tee to...

I am happy to report Miss B LOVES it and it being worn as I type.

My other project..this is a pair of the Scientific Seamstress Easy Fits pants. I made them out of REVEL cotton knit in Scour, and made them a bit they are like yoga pants. These are also being worn as I type..and are apparently so comfy she would like many more! I think I'd like a pair myself...

And from last weeks Alexander Henry Min Cavaleros Heat pack I whipped up very quickly as a gift. Love this fabric!


Liz said...

These look fabulous Lisa!!

Anonymous said...

loves it mummy!

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