Thursday, October 21, 2010


Tonight the girls and I made our very first Jack-o-lantern! I did have telephone counseling from a very dear ex-US-dwelling friend...which helped a lot! This is the centre piece for my youngest daughter's birthday party tomorrow-

Theme is of course, Halloween!

So much fun..I think we need to do one of these every year! Gotta run..I have to make a birthday cake now!


willow and moo said...

Looks fabbo!

Does that cat have to be involved in everything!?!?! LOL

You know I think Martha probably sells a pumpkin carving set. Oh check this out for next year when you want take it to the next level

Hope L has a great party!

Tanya said...

That looks seriously fun! and a very impressive end result. And a much better use for pumpkins than eating them if I may say so!

zofia said...

great action pics. I love those feline overseers!

Helen said...

Awesome pumpkin! great knfe skills too. :)
I couldn't believe it when I saw them in Coles the other day.
How did you get the facebook etc link there? Is it a part of your template?

fallen~from~grace said...

That is an awesome birthday jack-o-lantern!
Hope the birthday party was a great success :)

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