Wednesday, June 23, 2010


 **The Winner is..CAROLYN! Comment #7. Congrats!! :)
Thankyou everyone!

I have been just dying to try out the Scientific Seamstress patterns! Last week I managed to!

I used the Easy Fit pants pattern to make pj' pants for Bon. (10). She is about a size 10, but long and lanky. These patterns are so well thought out. There is a printing guide that tells you what pieces to print, about 5 pages from memory. And then you simply tape the bits together where it tells you. But there's more...this gives you the template, and from this you then construct your own custom pattern piece, so they fit really well! The process is very quick and easy, and works!

There are lots of handy sewing hints and full pics throughout, the patterns essentially holds you hand all the way, so great for beginners! They sew up really fast too ( great for me, as I am quite impatient).

I used a lovely soft Sponge Bob woven from the CM Shop and topped with a Farbenmix  IMKE.  
A great jammie combo! 

These e-patterns are really well priced, and given they are multi sized...
Even better value!  See them all HERE!


I have ONE Scientific Seamstress e-pattern to give away..leave me a comment as to which is your fave Scientific Seamstress e-pattern and why!  I'll get to pick a winner Friday night!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEWS: Free shipping on Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum patterns**

As of today, I'll be shouting the postage cost on all Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum patterns shipped within Australia**.

Just a small way to show my appreciation for your support in helping keep Crafty Mamas going for 5 years!

Other news...

Awesome new stocks of cotton/lycra knits arrived today like Baby Nay, Mad Sky...delish!
 Most match up really well to STELLA get busy sewing!


OTTOBRE design subscription rates have if you need to renew, now is a perfect time!

Have lovely week!



Thankyou Mr, he has selected


as the winner for the Farb fabric Give-away!

Congrats!! Please contact me? 

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Have you seen the new Farbenmix fabrics? They are nothing short of amazing. Beautiful Euro poplins...with the cutest prints! We have ribbons to match most, with more LoveChirp on it's way ( the first lot flew away so quick!) and even matching velours....exciting!

 To celebrate Farbenmix's entry into fabric ( we want knits next please ladies!!) ...we have 1m of the Tattoo Kids fabric by Hamburger Liebe to Give-away! I am happy to post worldwide.

How to Win??
Simply make a post on your Blog to alert others to this awesome Give-away ( gotta share the love), then come back here, make a comment with a link to your Blog post ( so I can verify).  Give-Away closes midnight June 12th. will select a winner.

If you want a Crafty Mamas button to add to your post...


Most of you know Crafty Mamas has stocked Farbenmix patterns and ribbons and Studio Tantrum patterns too., for ages now. But did you know we are the Aussie agent for these super cool items too? Also for Ottobre Design and now STENZO fabrics from NL.
So if you are looking to buy wholesale, please contact me!


Just in...beautiful new issues of these sewing pattern mags!

PATRONES #289 Extra. Has 70 patterns/variations! Includes maternity, regular and plus sizes. Summery issue. In Spanish.

 And inside...

La Mia Boutique Idee Da Cucire #2 Feb 2010

A beautiful cooler weather issue, these patterns are so cool and classy. There are even recipes in the back! 41 patterns/varitions, with sizes ranging from childrens 7/10, regular womans 38/44, 42/48, 40/46, and four plus size 48/54.  In Italian.

See them all HERE at Crafty Mamas!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

WEDNESDAY PROJECT farbenmix Caroline!

Wow, I am inlove with this pattern! This is a brand newy from farbenmix. ...

 Caroline is a cute little 3 tiered skirt, just gathered enough to be cute...but not so much that is it painful to sew? ( I hate gathering...). With built in leggins! The leggins have three lengths to choose from;  super short/ 3/4 or full length. Bon's are 3/4 . Caroline is in German, but there is an online tute with pics, and I'm always around to help.

The fabrics I used are the stunning hemp blend denim from the shop, a quilt panel from my stash and Black STELLA from the shop. I added red bias to the hem, and some scrummy farbenmix ribbon too. Life is generally a lot better with farbenmix ribbon, I think! See them here.

Now I have to run, I need to get another of these made still!

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

WEDNESDAY SEWERS....Start planning now...

Are you joining the WEDNESDAY SEWERS?? 

 Each Wednesday a small group of Crafty Mamas  have a virtual " sewing day" , logging into the forum on and off to share how we are going. It's a lot of fun and a great way to finally get some sewing done! Take the phone off the hook, set the kids up with a DVD ( educational, of course!) and come SEW!

Want to join us? Register in the forum, and we'll see you tomorrow!

Lisa :)

Monday, June 07, 2010


The race is on at Crafty Mamas to see who gets the first item finished from these adorable new poplins from Farbenmix. Have you seen how cute they are?

Lovechirp fabric and ribbons....


 Tatoo kids...

A good Wednesday project I think? These are marching out the door very quickly! Don't miss them!

MAMU DESIGN patterns New! Anouk and Lena

These beautiful new patterns have arrived! See them HERE

For Mama LENA

 And for the girls..ANOUK

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Such a contrast!

Last weekend I was away at Sunny Stones for our 2nd annual Crafty Mamas Sewing retreat. We had such a wonderful time. The retreat was perfect for us, the food delicious and the hosts Kate, Matt and family very welcoming. We lucked out and had dreadful weather- which meant we had the prime excuse to stay in doors with our two fires and craft! Rhonni from Hot Rocks boutique coffee helped keep us crafting into the wee hours of the donating a heap of her yummy boutique coffee beans for us to grind and brew.

It was so wonderful to catch up with every one again, we can't wait to return!

And this weekend? Stuck indoors, pouring rain, three kids with temperatures and sore throats. Ah, such is life. But I did get a little bit of quick sewing in ...

RIVIERA leggins is from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love, by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Polehn. You can get a copy in the CM shop.
 IMKE is also in the book, I just remembered! I used my old pattern, which is also in the Cm Shop. IMKE  has several variations, this is the plain wider version. Blue STELLA and Polka dot Flap Happy knit.  Velour iron on is a Farb fave from the Cm Shop.

And a bit of Kitchen craft too..two loaves of bread. It's that kind of day. And when a sick son asks for curry pumpkin soup and bread..who can say no? 

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