Monday, October 04, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Jamie's 30 minute Meals

This arrived last week from the Book Depository,  and we set it to work immediately. If smudged and dog eared pages are the signs of a good cookcook- this one is well on it's way to becoming brilliant. Full of oodles of menus, all promising to be ready in 30 minutes. Truly! And we aren't talking boring throw together food...this is really nice stuff..with dessert even!

We are a family of foodies, but busy foodies, that's the problem...more taste than time. But this book nails it. In 30 minutes you can whip up the most amazing spreads...from Indian, to Italian, Vego,'s all in there. It is written in an almost commercial way, where step by step you follow to eventually have it all come together.  Very different from your normal recipe book..this holds your hand all the way ( I think I like having Jamie hold my hand..he's such a top bloke!). So far we have had...

Steak sarnies, smashed baby potatoes, beetroot salad and cheddar topped portabello mushies...divine.

Preggo Jools pasta, delish. And Lemon curd and raspberry cheesecakes. Yum.

Trust need this book.

Lisa :)


Liam's Mummy said...

We're Jamie Oliver fans in this house too. 30 minutes sounds AWESOME! Might have to get that one...

Ingrid said...

Wow, this sound great. I have a couple of his other books and I love his no-nonsense approach. I made his roast chicken on Sunday (always goes down a treat!).

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh will have to check it out sounds LUSH! :-) Just joined your blog - we are in blogtoberfest for the 1st time :-)

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