Friday, December 31, 2010

Michael Miller Knits A-Line Skirt free pattern How-To!

I have made  a free "how-to " for you to create your own custom A-line skirt pattern...

( thankyou to Miss B for helping me with this!). Mine has an elastic waist and rolled hem. You could also finish the waist with Fold Over Elastic or shirring.

The Michael Miller knits are just beautiful to wear, very soft and easy to sew. 
This is from Patty Young's latest range " Sanctuary" available at Crafty Mamas now.
Remember to use a stretch needle in your sewing machine- these knits also love the overlocker- and you must wash your knits before using!

 There you go, go make yourself a couple of new skirts for the New Year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010


 Lots of items on SALE at the moment...we need to clear  some room!

Hilco is all 30% off, Michael Miller knits are 20% off, Mamu and Cinderella*Zwergen*Mode paper patterns are 30% off, Lots of ribbons, patterns and fabric on CLEARANCE!

Go TREAT yourself to some Crafty Goodness!
We are shipping as per usual right across the holiday season.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The 10 minute Toiletry Bag

The eldest is off up the coast to a beach house for a week after Christmas- lucky sod- and was without a toiletry bag. I grabbed some table cloth vinyl from Spotlight  and designed his bag around the size of shampoo bottles and seperation requirements.

This is simply a large rectangular bag, with a zip and a small handle one end. Inside it has a dividing piece to ensure his toothbrush does not come into contact with his shampoo bottle.  Super quick to sew up- using the regular zipper foot and straight stitch foot. No fancy feet required. Easy peasy!

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MOD KID Penny MOONLIGHTS as a Nightie!

I love the new knit patterns by Mod Kid designer Patty Young. In particular the Penny dress/top. It goes together so quickly and looks really cute. My girls have a few Penny dresses now, and need new nighties. So I grabbed the Penny and did a bit of a hack. I wanted it to have a bit more fullness in the lower bodice, so I went with the empire waist option, and  cut the top part of the front and back bodice out as per usual- but added seam allowance to the bottom edge.

Then with the lower bodice front and back pieces I wanted to add fullness across them- so positioned them 5cm back from the centre front like this, I also added a seam allowance to the top of the bodice piece, both front and back.. ( why? Because this pattern originally has the front and back pieces in the one piece. When you go the empire waist option, you need to slash the bodice and then add back seam allowance for where you will join it).

 So you will have two bottom bodice pieces - front and back- like this... two upper bodices and your neckband.
 Now you need to lightly gather both the upper part of the lower section of the front and back bodices to fit the  bottom of the upper front and back. I use the overlocker to gather mine- it's quick and easy to manipulate to fit... but use whatever way you prefer.

Then continue with the construction as per usual.You'll have a nighty in around 30 minutes. I did a rolled hem and sleeve on this nightie.

Happy Sewing!

Lisa :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just in! Michael Miller/Patty Young knits!

Yesterday the gorgeous new Michael Miller/ Patty Young knits arrived. These are from Patty's new Sanctuary range. 100% cotton interlock- stunning. Direct from New York to us @ Crafty Mamas!
ci4706_berry.jpg ci4707_berry.jpg

ci4706_ocean.jpg ci4707_ocean.jpg
example of use:

I'm itching to get some of these washed up and start sewing!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Babushka Softie- DONE!

It's a bit of a rush to get the last minute handmade gifts done. I have a few aprons to draft up and cut out and a couple more softies. This one is for Lil, but don't tell her. She thinks it is for her big brothers girlfriend. This e- pattern is by Winter Peach on etsy. Fabrics are from my stash....from the Hippie Chicks range.

I love e-patterns for weekend sewing! Great for when the sewing bug bites! Have you seen the range of cool ones at Crafty Mamas? This one is next one my list...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

NEW FARBENMIX patterns at Crafty Mamas!

Two gorgeous new Farbenmix patterns arrived last week...(with more due next week, but the international post is going so S_L_O_W_L_Y!)

ODILIA balloon skirt

 And NADYA dress and leggins

 Aren't they just beautiful?

And of course, Murphy's Law stated that I will only ever receive new patterns that I am DESPERATE to sew up at the same time I have boring UNI assignments due. As Ned said..." Such is life".

Happy Sewing!


Friday, December 17, 2010


As you guys all know, Crafty Mamas is the Aussie agent for Farbemmix ( and Studio Tantrum, Ottobre Design and Stenzo. Yes, I wear many hats!). I am constantly amazed at the creative ways the Crafty world finds to utilize the delicious Farbenmix ribbons. I thought I'd do a little show case here for you...
( and there are some ribbons reduced too in the shop, if you are quick!).

pics are used with kind permission of farbenmix.d

The Ribbon Key Fob
These are very popular among the Crafty Mamas. 

churned these out. Don't they look amazing? 
There is a great little tutorial here for these and they also sell the required hardware. And of course, come see us at Crafty Mamas for some eye candy ribbon!
Hair Clip Holder

Absolutely love this idea! Farbenmix ribbon combined with huups embroidery.

And this one...

And this is a very clever and practical use of ribbon

How about getting the kids to hang up their towels?

Or trimming the all important backpack!

Ebook HERE
Ribbon, velour and printed Hilco  SUNNYFREE woven in the Cm Shop.

Baby Fun

And last but not least...

Love this idea!

The Farbenmix Inspiration page has these and many more fabulous ideas to add a little Farbenmix magic to your life. Bookmark it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

BELLA BAG by Little Bird patterns

The BELLA bag by Little Bird patterns was just the quick and easy project I needed for a teachers gift. It went together quickly and easily, the strap instructions had me a bit confuddled, but then I tend to sew very late at night!

Fabric is  a lovely Alexander Henry from The Stash (aka; the Husbands Nemesis).

I'll definitely make this up again!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tute: Quick and Easy Shirred Sundress/Top

 Crafty Mamas “Quick and Easy Shirred Sundress/Top Tute”.

Shirring is very effective and very simple. It’s a great way to transform a piece of fabric into a gorgeous dress or top, or even on the waistband of a skirt, or cuffs of a shirt.
This easy dress is essentially 2 rectangles, shirred, then with straps added.

What you’ll need:
Cotton woven or knit fabric - works great on both.
Shirring elastic
Matching thread

To cut your rectangle
I have made this as a child’s dress. To calculate your measurements:
A= chest measurement of child a 1.5 times + 2cm seam allowance
B= length of dress .  So measure from under arm to the desired length, + 2cm hem for top and bottom
In my dress; A = 80cm x 1.5= 120cm +122cm B= 60cm  + 2cm= 62cm
Cut 2 pieces of fabric (front and back ) to these measurements.
Note: if you are making a top- same deal. Just decide how long you want it.

Here’s my back and front, with straps too.
Note: I have cut mine on the fold, so only have one side seam to sew. Do whatever works for your fabric.
Cut 4  straps out that measure 5cm x 60cm
(use this as a guide, you may want them longer).

Construction of straps:
Using a hot iron and an ironing board, place strap pieces wrong side up. Fold each strap in half longwise, press, then open out. Now fold one of the ½’s( raw edge) in to the middle to meet the centre crease line, then the other. Press. Repeat with other three straps.

Construction of dress:

1.    Sew down both sides of your dress.
2.    Hem the top and bottom of your dress, using a 1cm hem.
3.    Note: if you are doing lots of rows of shirring-don’t do the bottom hem til you are done. The shirring shortens it a bit.

You will be left with a neat tube. Press.

Begin shirring:

Grab an empty bobbin and hand wind it on shirring elastic. Using a small amount of tension as you wind on.

Lay your fabric tube out in front of you. The idea with shirring is to sew even lines parallel around the width. I have tried a few different methods but find the Ottobre Design recommended way works best.

My dress has 4 rows of shirring, about 1cm apart- I start the first row over my hem stitching for the top.  Your dress/top can have as many rows of shirring as you like. To get from one row to the next I “step down”  1cm, then turn and continue. I do this under the arm area. So using chalk or fabric marker, mark out where you will shirr on your fabric both back and front.
It will look like this...

To shirr I set my machine on a straight stitch of 4.5 ( so basting stitch).
The longer the stitch length, the tighter the shirring.  Do a few tests before you start.

Thread up with a matching thread, then begin.
Be sure to do a backstitch at the start and very end to secure all threads.

When you begin sewing, it will look like this...

First row

Second row. See it’s starting to do it’s thing?

Continue with as many rows as you like, being sure to back stitch at the end.

When you are done, attach your 4 straps in the desired position. For a mama, this is easiest if you put your shirred top/dres son with a bra, then use your bras straps as a guideline.

Happy Shirring!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Crafty Mama's Thrifty Apron with free EBOOK

This is a  design of mine, it uses less than a metre of fabric. I seem to make these every year for quick gifts and also for myself ( love a good apron!). A free E-book is available HERE.

Friday, December 03, 2010


Q. How many packets of bias trim does it take to finish off the bottom of a Redondo in the largest size??

A. One and a half. Truly. What was I thinking? Me with a migraine too?!!

This REDONDO is for a very special friend of Goth Girl's, for her birthday tomorrow ( which is coincidentally, also the eldest Crafty boy child's birthday...20!! When did that happen??He is not getting a Redondo though).  So, the Michael Miller Ta Dot Redondo...with a super cool pack of Enid Blyton books. What more could any 10 year old gal need/want?


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NEW Make it Perfect Patterns are in..and a GIVE-AWAY!

The lovely new patterns from Make it Perfect arrived this morning. See them here at Crafty Mamas! And we also stock the scrummy  Michal Miller knits featured too! Cute hey?

I have 1 x Afterglow pattern to Give-away to 1 lucky customer between today and Sunday. go check out our SALE- you may be the lucky customer!

Craft On!

Lisa :)

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