Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I have used this Halter top tutorial from Craftster twice, and have come to the conclusion that the Halter top just does not suit my body type. In short, it makes me look like a pregnant M & M. So, after this realisation, I refashioned the red halter top I made Saturday into a shirred top. Much better, and with wide straps to cover the bra straps. I have only done about 5 rows of shirring in this, as I ran out of shirring elastic. When my order gets here, I may run around a couple more. Either way, I love it.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


I spent $20 on fabric at SL last week, on fabric from the SALE table. I came home with 6 metres of red voile, 3 metres of heavy drill in a pink camy print, and 3 metres of chocolate brown very fine wool/poly knit. This weekend I would like to get a halter top made for myself from the red voile. I'll post the link to the tutorial here when I find it. It was a Craftster one. Oh! I also got 1.5 metres of this funky tan paisley jersey from the opshop for 50c. Pics coming.

The girls and I have been doing some felting using some roving I have. We have only made ropes and dreadys so far, but hope to progress to little people and beads this weekend!
First go at felting

Monday, January 22, 2007

ME! ME! ME!!!!

Yep, this months Challenge at Crafty Mamas is all about making stuff for Mama! We are so often busy making stuff for the kids and gifts etc, it's time we created nice things for us! To start, I've made a skirt for myself from an old pair of denim jeans. The bottom looks kinda wonky in this pic, it may be the way it is sitting. This skirt is so comfy, I feel like I have owned it for years. I am also busily knitting my tank top from BigGirl Knits.

And, I've been TAGGED by Violet! http://violetscraftythings.blogspot.com/
To name 6 weird things about me.

Ok, let's see...

1. For a practical person, I am incredibly superstitious. I am always throwing salt over my shoulder, avoiding ladders, and freak if the kids put shoes on the table. My dad was superstitious, I think it rubbed off!

2. I simply cannot function without a coffee in the morning, in fact, I get a headache without. Yep, I'm an addict.

3. I have just returned to study, and I have this deep fear that I will have trouble comprehending it all! I think it is just baby brain hangover. I hope!

4. I cannot reverse park. Well, I have done in the past, but I will drive around forever looking for a park rather than do a reverse park- which annoys my husband a LOT!

5. I'm a head scratch-er. I don't have nits, I just tend to scratch my head a lot. The more I concentrate, the more I scratch. Weird.

6. I love cemeteries. I hate death and all associated, and have a fear of undertakers, but I love to visit cemeteries and read head stones. The older the better.

So, now I have to find some people to Tag...

Monday, January 08, 2007


OK, here's my New Years Resolutions:

1. To try and be creative everyday, no matter how small. Including being resourceful in material selection. I want to try and reuse materials rather than buy new, and also frequent the Op Shop.

2. To excerise 30 minutes each day, even if in 3 lots of 10 minutes. No excuses, just DO IT!

3. Cut back to one coffee a day, period. Drink more water, no sweet drinks.

4. Be more organised in everything I do. Think ahead, plan, inplement to make for a calmer smoother life.

5. To talk less, listen more.

No doubt there are plenty more, but these ones strike me today!

Happy New Year all!


White cotton fabric with floral.

With everyone home, my sewing time has been very limited over the past week. I did manage these two shirred dresses though. The plain white one is in a white cotton with a fine embroidery throughout. I made a matching head scarf for this one too. This looks so cute on. I sell these in my Crafty Mamas SHOP, and do custom ones. Lil looks like a little angel in this outfit!

The second I made from some cheesecloth. Bon insisted it have grub roses embroidered on the front, so thanks to my embroidery machine...she got her wish. The cheesecloth seemed to grow while I was making this dress, it is a tad too wide. But she'll grow into it! It was great embroidery practice too, I must use the machnie more.

Grub roses on cheesecloth, shirred.
Op Shopping

A recent visit to the Op Shop saw me score some cool almost vintage pillow cases and some great fabric. I have not got plans for any of it yet, but I'm thinking.

Japanese Felt Craft Books
These are new too..very cool! So much stuff to do!

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