Saturday, July 31, 2010

SCKL Riviera leggins to Bootlegs Tute

We love leggins, they are so flexible and handy dandy. This is how I very easily covert them to bootleg leggins.

Grab your fave leggin pattern that you know fits the intended bootleg leggin wearer! My two faves are Ottobre 1/2007* and the Riviera leggin from Nancy Langdon's book Sewing Clothes Kids Love. 
The Otto 1/2007 is a shorter length though, so you will have to lengthen. I have used Riviera here.

Left is the pattern that came with the book, trimmed and then I have reinforced it with iron on interfacing. On the right is a trace off of the pattern. This is the one we will play with.
This leggin pattern has no side seam, but we need to get it back in order to get our flares happening on both sides of the leg. So...

I pretty much follow the grain line already added by Nanc, and I cut it up to make two pieces. A front and back.

Now guess-timate where the childs knee would go...and mark on either side of the leg on both pattern pieces. This is where our flare will tape back to.

Now to cut them out!

The best fabrics to use for leggins are those with 4 way stretch. This will emilinate those baggy knees and bums. Look for a fabric with cotton/spandex or cotton/elastine or cotton/lycra mix. Great fabrics from the Crafty Mamas shop are Stella, the range of Campan knits by Hilco, Stenzo knits, Mad Sky, Flap Happy just to give some ideas. I am using a very groovy Mad Sky Dazzling Daisies print.  

Now, place your pattern pieces on your fabric...with the rib lines running vertical down the pattern. 

Now, at the very bottom of the leg piece...grab your trusty ruler and measure out how far you want your bottom flare to be. I have gone for 5cm for a 6 year old.  Chalk mark where 5cm is from side seam of pattern. Do the same on the other side of the leg, then the same on the other pattern piece. make our flare.  This is the one pic I took that screwed up!
So I'll have to talk you through it, easy peasy though. Place one end of your ruler at the knee mark. Then angle it back down to your 5cm mark. This will extend beyond the orginal seam line. Draw this new flare in. Do on the other side and also on both sides of the other pattern piece. It will look like this when cut out. ** Remember to add your seam allowance.

Simple.Now following your leggin instrutions..go sew them up! Here's mine..

I used to put a snippet of Farbenmix ribbon in the back centre seam so the kids know back from front, I also sometimes put a strip on the front like huh?

Next I'll do a bit of a grunge up of the leggin pattern...

Happy Sewing!

Lisa :)

WINNER!! MODKID patterns and fabric give-away...

The Winner of this FANTASTIC Give-away is


Congratulations! Please email me with your details!

Thankyou everyone for your kind words and for taking the time to enter!

Happy Sewing!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I managed to actually start the machine today!

This is the freebie Modkid yoga skirt we have all been playing with! Fabric is the new MM Modkid knit in raspberry blossom, from the Cm shop ( of course!)

I made this waist band too narrow, I forgot the measurement was in inches..duh. No matter, Lil WUVS it! Super comfy apparently!

Patterns by Figgy

- Ofelia
This is a new range in the CM shop, and I love them. There are some new ones arriving any day, and they'll knock your socks off!

This is it is sized too small for my chubba bubba, but I HAD to make it anyway. It fits big sis ( skinny minny) perfectly as a dress over her jeans, leggins, looks very funky.

Fabric is a stash reducer, velvet type woven, with the adorable Miss Ling ribbon in aqua ( Crafty Mamas shop).

So tell me...what did you sew today?

Lisa :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


....over in the Crafty Mamas shop.  I am having trouble moving in here!
There is 20% off assorted'll have to search for them though!

Finishes Sunday! 

Lisa :)

NEW Farbenmix ribbons in store....

Yep, more delish ribbons! We LOVE our Farbenmix ribbons! See them HERE

Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Michael Miller fabrics are going fast at Crafty Mamas! Otto 1/2008 GIVE-AWAY!

The delightful Gnomeville is almost gone... this is so cute!

And the scrummy Birds OF Norway baby cord...

I have been cutting and packing these two fabrics all morning ( I have gnomes, spots and birds before my eyes!)...if you planned to get some, hurry! MM Fabrics here.


Remember Ottobre design 1/2008? Such an awesome issue, it sold out! It caused a bit of an eBay riot- with issues going for amazingly high bids! Well, Otto have reprinted minimum numbers though, and I have a few in stock for immediate delivery! Everyone needs this I have ONE to give away. Simply tell me on the Crafty Mamas Facebook page-  why you'd like your own 1/2008! I'll draw a winner Monday! To join our Facebook page and keep up to speed on new arrivals, sales our dandy little banner over on the top left!

 Have a lovely weekend everyone, keep those sewing machines whirring away over the weekend!

Lisa :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GIVE-AWAY! Michael Miller knits are arriving at Crafty Mamas!

Our Michael Miller knits have started arriving, more due next week..and they are delicious! By designer Patty Young of Modkid, so scrummy!

To celebrate their arrival, I have 1m of Raspberry Blossom and  a new Modkid MAYA knit pattern to give away to one lucky sewer....

To be in with a chance...leave me a comment and tell me....What Anniversary Year is Crafty Mamas celebrating in 2010? ( hint;  grab your latest Otto...second back page..).

Good luck! Winner announced July 31st!

Drop by Crafty Mamas and see all the new stuff!

Lisa :

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Tie Dye Diva has joined us! GIVE-AWAY!

We are very excited by a lovely new range of e-patterns we have available...

The Tie Dye Diva!

Tie Dye Diva e-patterns are delightful...from cute hat patterns, to glorious summer dresses, to  nifty diaper covers,  and more! You'll love these!

And to celebrate their arrival at Crafty Mamas, I have one of these e-patterns to give away. Simply leave me a comment as to which is your fave Tie Dye Diva e-pattern for a chance to win. I'll get to select a winner Monday morning.

Happy Sewing!


Congratulations to ZOFIA! Please let me know which of these fabulous e-patterns you would like!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farbenmix Hair Accessories

Farbenmix Mushies and Love chirp hairbands. 

We are a pretty hairy family. Hubby's European background combined with my ( very long ago) Scottish background, has left us with some thick and unruly headed kids! As much as we love cute little hair adornments..they  don't do the job. We need serious hair stuff here. So I was pleased to find this very clever tutorial from mmmcrafts  on how to make removable covers for  sturdy headbands.  This is so quick and easy, you can have one for every outfit! 

 The gorgeous Miss Lil in her Farbenmix Flipie headband.

And another out of gingham, trimmed with Lovechirp ribbon from Farbenmix. I see many more of these in my future...

And just while I had the ribbon's a cute way to make a set of matching ribbon hair clippies...

Happy Saturday!


Friday, July 09, 2010


First up...the Alexander Henry winner?

Thankyou He selected...

Blogger Mandy said...This is so cute, I would love to see this made up into a small messenger bag. :)

And who was our lucky customer #3000? And winner of $100 Gift voucher in the Crafty Mamas shop?

Kylie W!

Congrats ladies! Prizes heading out Monday.

Thankyou everyone!

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Every time the Crafty Mamas shop hits another 1000 orders ( ie; 1000, 2000, up to nearly 3000) I give away a $100 voucher to the customer lucky enough to be ie; #1000, #2000, #3000.

I reckon...tomorrow will be order # 3000.

I wonder who it will be....

Lisa :)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


This week I am working on using some of the fabric scraps I have hanging around. I used to keep every little scrap but it got a bit crowded in my sewing area! Is there a hard fast rule as to how small a piece should be before you toss it?'s a few ideas I have found and want to try out..

Left over STELLA? how about a hair anemone?
 Tutorial is here at T Matthew Fine Art

Or a head wrap? I love these from Made By Petchy.

 And for Wovens...

Charlie and Lola style hair clips? Cute! From Mother Rising.

Covered button elastics and clips are so sweet... this is from Figgy's Studio ( some of their patterns are in the shop!) These would be great for all my little Stenzo and Hilco remnants..pretty!

And Babushka headkerchief? Clever! from Make it do.

And a Bad Day Bohemian headband? I need a few of these...from Gingercake.

Lot's of excuses to keep our scraps now!


Monday, July 05, 2010


We have a nice little give-away this week...

1m of the Beautiful Alexander Henry 2D Blue Zoo woven! 
 Leave me a comment telling me what you would make with 1m of this if you won? I'll get to select a winner Friday evening.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some Weekend Craftiness... Farbenmix and Fabric painting

We are having a lovely quiet weekend at home, so the girls finally got around to some fabric painting. These are done using Marvy fabric markers ( from the Crafty Mamas shop) and are just like textas- but are permanent on your fabric! Lots of fun to be had with these!

 White cotton long sleeve tee from good old Target...Lil getting into it.

We slid an old scrap book up into the tee to protect from paint bleeding onto the back. You could use a place mat etc. 

And the results? Beautiful! They did a few singlets too ( because who wants boring singlets??) and were very impressed with themselves. 

So what did I get up to while they were so busy...? 

BEALA is an oversized hoody, just perfect for winter over leggings etc. This is made from COLORADO, a knit from the makers of STELLA. With a peek of Robot knit for the hood ( thankyou Nancy!). I think I have just enough time to sew up another.... if I sneak very quietly...have a lovely weekend!

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