Friday, August 27, 2010

Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #301 Sew-a-long!

Last week I made up 3 of the #303, this weekend, I have Challenged myself to make 3 x #301.

Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #301 ( aint that a mouthful?) is nothing short of brilliant. A fabulous kids tee pattern, perfect for beginners with knits, and those wanting a blank canvas to get creative with. Read my recent post on them HERE.  You can grab a #301 from Crafty Mamas. 

I'll be using an assortment of the wonderful knits in stock at Crafty Mamas, with some cool little embellishments and hacks added ( I know...I just cannot do "plain"!)

Please join me in our #301 Sew-a-long! 
Follow our progress in the Crafty Mamas forum
where you can also see 5 years worth of pattern reviews, and other fun stuff!

Happy Sewing this weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

3 x #303! Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #303 that is...

I really love this pattern...seriously, I do! To show you guys how it looks in different knits ( and to help fill the void in my wardrobe) I whipped up 3 last week.  All different, all fun, all fabulous. Let's take a look...

The Pattern! In the one pattern you get Euro sizes 34-52. I am an Aussie 24, so made the 52cm.

Available here at Crafty Mamas.

#303 #1.

I blogged about this one HERE . This fabric is a cotton/elastine knit, very warm, and takes machine embroidery well. It is not clingy, so you end up with an almost sweater like top.

#303 #2.
The Keyhole neckline version. This one I altered the neckline to be a keyhole,
This is in cotton/spandex knits from the Crafty Mamas shop,
Fabric: Groovy printed Funky Fall cot/lycra knit from Cm and Stella in Jade lime.
so although the neckline is low, it sits in tight up against you ( I would not want it any lower mind you...).

How to do a keyhole?
Simply take your cutting line down...

Then bind your keyhole.... lots of pins...

then I sew with a regular machine, using a slightly longer straight stitch.

Then finish of your bound neckline as you normally do. ( except when you cross the key hole, you simply sew the binding to itself).

Then continue on as per normal. Easy and a bit different.

#303 #3! Short sleeved version.

Fabric: This is made from Vermont knit. It's by the makers of Stella, a 100% cotton rib. This is from a Buy we had. I love it for kids singlets, pj's etc.It was white til I got to it>>> Dharma, RUST procion dye.
Being a 100% cotton rib knit, this has little recovery, so you don't want it too tight or you will get "bagging".

Transfer: This cool Frida design is by Lilbooblue.

So there you go, #303 3 ways!

Lisa :)

And the winner of the Pattern by Figgy's PACK is.....

Karen said...
I would love to see the boy version in a navy and red with the "SuperHero Dude Guy" from Farbenmix on the front...too cute.

For the little chickadees, any of the ModKid fabrics or the beautiful Stenzo I have in my stash would look awesome.

Thanks for such a great give-away Lisa....just awesome :)

Karen, congratulation. Random dot com has picked you as the winner for this AWESOME prize!

Please contact me with your colour/fabric choices!! And, we want a pic when you have made your first Tee for Two!

Thankyou everyoner for making this such a fun Give-away!

Lisa :)

NEW ARRIVALS TODAY! Cosmo Cricket Betz White TT

I have new stuff arriving all week..keep up to date here!!

3 Cosmo Cricket wovens..

Adorable Red Riding Hood

The lovely Betz White patterns are in...

To add also, Sandi Henderson Meadowsweet 2, a new Patrones, Alexander Henry and new ribbons!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Patterns by FIGGY's /fabric/trim GIVE-AWAY!!

I am loving these new Patterns by Figgy's! Did you read our  interview last week with these clever designers? Awesomely cute patterns for kids, that are well suited to beginners.

I have a lovely Patterns by Figgy's  pack to Give-away this weekend....

1 x Patterns by Figgy's Tee for Two
2  x metres of STELLA knits in your choice ( you can have 1/2 of differing colours)
2  x 50cm  Assorted cotton Printed knits of your choice ( mix em up.)
1 x  packet Stretch sewing needles
2m of Reynold freezer paper  ( so you can embellish!
1m of pretty ribbon, either Farbenmix or other, to use as seam insert etc.

 Imagine the tees you'll get made with this win?!

There, that oughta get you excited about sewing tees!

How to win? Go check out the Crafty Mamas shop and tell me in a comment here

...what fabric you would most love to see a Tee for Two made up in!

I'll draw a winner on Monday..Good Luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

PATTERNS by FIGGY's Interview at Crafty Mamas

A fun and practical line of patterns for kids. We recently interviewed the two  designers ( in blue) to find out exactly who Patterns by  Figgy's is and a little more about their super cute on!

CM:Who  is " Patterns by Figgy's"? Tell us about you!

Patterns by Figgy’s is the creation of two seamsters, Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage, who met online (flickr) through a shared love of sewing.  We both started sewing at an early age, and we have had the opportunity to practice a lot, considering that I have two 2 boys and Karen has 4 kids.

Karen also owns her own clothing line "One Girl Circus" and I am a sewing teacher for Modern Domestic, a sewing studio in Portland, specializing in teaching children how to sew.  We are complete opposites in all the right ways and completely the same in all the others.

CM:How long have you been producing your pattern range?

PBF has been around since 2008 in the baby stage but  I can honestly say that PBF wasn't PBF until Karen became my partner in late 2009.  We released our first line as partners in February 2010.  

CM:Describe "Patterns by Figgy’s" in 3 words.

Karen:  Stylish, Versatile, and FUN!  I'll ditto that.  

CM:Where do you get the inspiration for your gorgeous patterns, and their cool names?

We get the inspiration from so many wonderful things; online photo journals, our children, vintage patterns, FABRIC....really the list can go on.

The patterns that have an actual name are named after Karens' daughter & my niece.  The other names come to us as we design the pattern and the pattern chooses their name.  It's like naming your baby after you get to know him/her.  We find that each pattern has their own little story and we try to include this in the front of each instruction booklet.   

CM:What can we expect next from "Patterns by Figgy's?"

 Next up, we will be expanding our size range to include tweens and teens in response to popular demand.  We will have two lines a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  Each line will include 4-5 patterns.  We also plan to be around for years to come and always have an open door policy!


Thank YOU!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The girls have been asking and asking to go fishing..who fishes in Winter? You'd have to be mad! Eventually, we gave in....on a cold and blowy and somewhat drizzly afternoon...we ventured out to one of the many lake areas around us.

With fishing rods in hand, they settled in to wait.
And wait...

And more waiting.... after a  while, Lil decided the net was more interesting.... she waited, net ready..for when B landed "the big one" .

Score; fish 3 us NIL.

So we gave up and came home...and made...GRANOLA with cranberries, yum.
This recipe is from one of my fave books, Simply in Season.

And Pizza sauce.... for the freezer. Another from Simply in Season, adapted a smidge to suit what I had on hand. It smells divine!

One of my favourite bloggers is Gina from Home Joys. Gina always inspires me to slow up a little bit, and take some time to enjoy doing the things I really used to love doing before life got too mad! Check out her's a beaut!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend....

Lisa :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

OTTOBRE DESIGN Creative Workshops

As well as dishing up the much loved Ottobre design mag, Otto also have a fantastic range of Creative Workshop patterns.

The kids t shirt workshop #301 has been a fave of the Crafty Mamas for many  years now. It is one of the best fitting t shirt patterns around. It gives you the option of a close  or looser fit tshirt, with  some great ideas included for embellishing. It also has clear and detailed instructions, as Otto are well known for.

So what could be better than #301? The Creative Workshop #303 for Mamas!

#303 is not called " The Best Tops" for nothing. It really is fabulous and a must have in your stash. There are nine variations, including three necklines, as well as option for sleeveless, short or long.

I have challenged myself to complete 3 of these  between now and next Friday ( oh yes and I forgot Book Week is in there too..drat!).

The first of my offerings....the U neckline ( scoop) in a new knit the CM shop is carrying ( will be up soon) CALIFORNIA in Blood red. This is a cotton/elastine ribbed knit, very snuggly and comfy. It's embellished with a machine embroidery I did on Rainbow felt.
Finished off with some of the new pom pom trim on the sleeves ( very Frida!). 

This embroidery design is from  huups, the Frida set by Luzia Pimpinella. 
If you love the range of Farbenmix ribbons and iron velours we stock, you will be keen to check out as they have lots of machine embroidery designs that match...Cool huh?

Ok, I'll check back soon with two more #303's!

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Did you join us today? How did you go?? Here's what I made!

These are Lil's two fave patterns at the moment.

Riviera is the leggins pattern from Nancy's book...
Sewing Clothes Kids love.

IMKE top is also in the book, or else you can get it seperately...I have some here.

The fabrics used are:

Pink sparkle stripe knit

And I combined this with the new CALIFORNIA knit in Pale pink.
CALIFORNIA is a ribbed knit, but with a hint of elastine. It is by the makers of STELLA. I REALLY like it. It is warmer than STELLA, and I think a little bit more flattering in that is does not cling as much and gives a nice shape to you. Good for colder weather, but too hot for summer. for it!

All topped off with a Farbenmix Cosmic Girl iron on velour!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

FACEBOOK Give away...La Mia Boutique!

Have you checked out our Facebook page? This weekend there is a fantastic Give-away...a copy of La Mia Boutique is up for grabs!

Get over there and leave a comment! Random draw on Monday.

Lisa :)

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Who's joining the Wednesday Sewers today?

Each Wednesday the Crafty Mamas buckle down and get stuck into it! We post our progress in the forum throughout the day.
Care to join us? Please do!

To provide a little instant only there is 10% off ALL e-patterns.
Purchase>> Receive by email>> Print>>> SEW!

See them all here!

MODKID knits

A few of you have noticed some of the MODKID knits have been up in the store, the rest should be up tomorrow!
And, yes, they are delightful! They are a heavier weight knit, so good for the Aussie winter.
Patty Young, the designer, ( and owner of MODKID!) has done some nifty video tutes to help those with knit phobia...directed at hemming knits.
#1 Coverstitch

#2 rolled hems

#3 Lettuce edge

#4 faux cover stitch

#5 zig zag


Keep up to speed on what comes  in and when, snavel sales quickly, or just say "hi!".

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Patterns by FIGGY's; New Releases are HERE!

Love these !! 

Little Woo easy wrap swingy cardingan.

Dapper Dillinger cute are these??

And Tee for Two...gorgeous!

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