Saturday, October 09, 2010

TUTE: Spaghetti strap top

This is a tute I did last summer for the Crafty Mamas forum. It was inspired by the Farbenmix LORE  ( pattern in the CM Shop!) tops I was making for my girls. I wanted one too!

1.Making your pattern.First, find a fave old tank top.To get your front piece, fold the tank top down the centre front. Try and get it to sit as flat as possible.

2. Now get your piece of trusty STP, vilene or tracing paper and lay a sheet entirely over the top. Take your chalk or texta ( don't use a sharpy it will bleed onto your top! Ask me how I know!) and first trace along the bottom of your top...over the middle front, trace up this line. Now, decide where you want your top to finish and the straps to start ( I kind of guessed turned out to be in the same spot my bra cup stops and straps start). Mark this point over on the armhole..then create a slightly curved line from the centre front top from here. ( see my pic). Sounds a lot more complex that in it is!).

Then, trace from this point around the armhole.

Cut your piece out, you now have a front!

 3. Now do the same to get your back piece. Because you are making your own pattern you decide how low or high you want it to be!

4. Front piece neck and back piece neck binding ..for this I just used a long strip applied and then trimmed, turned , tucked under and sewed as per normal t shirt binding. My strips of Campan was approx 5cm wide.

5. Armhole binding/straps.
Measure the circumference of the armhole...this is how long your piece needs to be for binding the armhole/straps.

Again, I cut 2 strips 60cm x 5cm.

To sew, I follow the same method as the probably easiest to check out their excellent photo tute!

Ignore shorts go to the top!

Note: I am making another with woven binding...but I can't see the tute not working the same.

So, go forth, and let the Spaghetti tanks multiply!! Seriously, they use next to no fabric and are so quick and easy! 

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