Friday, March 30, 2007


This week I received some items for a SWAP at Crafty Mamas from my good friend Aimless Daze!
The envelope contained a beautiful hand stitched postcard quilt ~absolutley beautiful!! And a lovely card with a cardinal ( I had no idea what one was previoulsy!) and a hand forged silver pendant thing/ Christams dec, with a pic of an Amish buggy on it ( I LOVE the Amish!). Thankyou Aim, for spoiling me! For a mama who is wrestling with her sewing machine presently, Aimless has amazing hand sewing skills! Let's hope she does some tutorials for us over at Crafty Mamas!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Finally, finally got my crafting groove back!!! My study seems to have totally taken over my life!!! I have a slack day today, so am making up a plush bunny from Wee Wonderfuls free pattern.

I also have to think about making a formal outfit to wear to a ball. Stuck on ideas for this.


We now have a total of 12 dogs, and two cats. The pups are getting bigger and noisier! They are now 5 weeks. These pics are a few weeks old. As you can see, there are lots of little arms to hug the puppies.


As if 12 dogs were not enough, we also had our new kitty come join us. She is a pedigree Russian Blue puss, and adorable. She is as yet unnamed, apart from a few terms of endearment. Isn't she adorable? For Aussie readers, puss's Grandma is on the Dine cat food can.

Friday, March 02, 2007

OTTOBRE WOMAN Second issue!

It's on it's way!!! Doesn't it look fabulous?? I can't wait to hold must have been so sad before OTTOBRE DESIGN.

Available from the Crafty Mamas SHOP.


We have a VINTAGE themed Challenge happening over at Crafty Mamas this month. It is sure to inspire all and I think we will have some very groovy items to drool over. Keep an eye out!

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