Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crafty SUNDAY Inspiration..A little bit of FRIDA

The other day my BUST DIY Guide to Life arrived, what an awesome book!

You can get a copy HERE.
As well as being a fabulous book all round, it has these awesome hairstyles to fave being the Frida style Mexican plaits. LOVE THESE!

Not sure how I'd go attempting this on my own  hair, but the littlest, Lil (8) ...would be so cute on her!!!
She is not happy to cooperate yet, but I'll work on it.

So, while we are in a Frida frame of mind, here's a little more FRIDA Crafty-ness.

From Blue Milk

Frida in Buttons

Skull a Day

 FRIDA paper dolls

FRIDA Altered Matchbox

From FlorLarios Etsy

Friday, January 20, 2012

Homemade Pencil Case

Somehow I started a tradition with my girls that each year I make them a new pencil case. I was never a fan of the generic tartan or vinyl ones anyway. Here's a couple I have made in the past...

 Goth Girl

Happy Cupcake

And last years, the dreaded zippered pencil case!

The kids draw a sketch of what they want, and I try my best to make it happen. With Goth Girl off to secondary school this year, she needed a few modifications. Like a seperate compartment, and I added a few holders for pens and her ruler on the outside. Pretty neat hey?

Fabric is some Alexander Henry fabric from the stash.
One more to go....

Monday, January 16, 2012


Yep, I'm a day late!!! Unless it's still Sunday where you are, in which case, I am right on schedule.

What's inspiring me today?


Blue Cupcake  


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gather up the Fragments....

There has been chatter over at the Crafty Mamas forum as to what do you do with scraps? Keep them? Toss them? I used to keep them..but they got a little overwhelming very quickly. So I toss them. But I may be rethinking my stance...check these out!


 A very crafty customer, Tammy, sent me this pic of how she has been using up her Stenzo knit scraps. 
I know..adorable!!! He has a little beard bib too!

Clever ideas here from Fun in the Making

Oodles of cool projects from Make it and Love it!

And I LOVE these scarf ideas, using striped knits...

 These are awesome..

Make your own Spaghetti Necklace scarves here

Sunday, January 08, 2012


A little bit of SUNDAY CRAFTY INSPIRATION for you....

Lately I have a hankering to try screen-printing ( how hard can it be?!!)

Here's a few fabbo tutes I've found:

From the very clever Little Blue Boo, lots a fabulous tutorials
 (no pics, sorry...)

Via What the Craft, a free pdf here

This very clever method uses Modge Podge and an embroidery hoop...

And some very cool and FREE sewing patterns!

 Butterfly Dress and Headband

 Easy Knit Skirt from SugarBee Crafts

Freebies from Simplicty

And finally...

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Stash busting Circle Skirts.

We love circle skirts! Quick and easy, and a great way to slim down the stash a little!
There are many good tutes out there on how to draft up your very own circle skirt pattern, so I won't redo for you.


I use STELLA knit  for the waistband, (from Crafty Mamas , thus eliminating the need for elastic.
These fabrics are all from my Stash!

As you can tell, lots of sewing going on here, to the chorus of " ..we have no Summer clothes.."

But slowly, I am winning the war. Two girls will be clothed, and then I can start on stuff for me!

A Little Sunday Lemony Inspiration!

Our lemon tree is loaded, and I mean LOADED. I gave it a very quick pick this morning and ended up with a washing basket full- barely touched the surface. It has extended over the chook house now so at least offers the old girls a bit of relief from the heat of the day. But I really need to get up the very top and pick from there....trouble is, I am also notoriously clumsy- so better wait til I get some help with a ladder!

So if you are swimming in lemons as we are... 

(phew, hard work, these lemons!
I do have a juicer attachment on the Kitchen Aid, but look at that little face?!
She's having a ball!)'s a few of our FAVE lemony recipes!

Lemonade 2 Ways.

Living on a Dime's Homemade Lemonade Recipe

Desserts we love

 All recipes Lemon Bars

Exclusively Foods Lemon Tart

Western Star's Lemon Butter

Whew- that should make a dent in them lemons!

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