Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pretty glamorous, huh? Stunt undies out of leftover knits. All those little bits I really feel guilty if I toss..so I hoard them all in the IKEA Billy's shelves...much to the annoyance of Mr Crafty. ( they are forever falling out..knits do that).

Tomorrow is Sew UP Wednesday at Crafty Mamas, and I want to be ready! So I've sewn these up for the victim..ahem...youngest child to give a test run in the am. Then I can adjust from there .

This pattern is a Jalie #2568, from the Crafty Mamas shop. Knit remnant is Michael Miller/Modkid 100% cotton. This pattern is wonderful ( as are all Jalie's) and fits my other daughter  perfectly. The youngest I may have trouble getting that comfort factor in, as she is built like me..poor kid.

So there you go..have you got a FAVE undies pattern?


Liz said...

I really must dust off this pattern and give it a go :) I hope they pass the comfort factor of the littlest crafty :)

flamehair said...

I love Ottobre 04/2004 for kids undies and a modified version of Ottobre Womens 05/2009 for my undies. My husband is so ultra fussy about his jocks that I now refuse to even *try* to make them for him.

zofia said...

great undies, very funky!

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