Sunday, December 30, 2012

CM " The Bare Essentials" Undies Sewing Tutorial- in the Flat

I am loving my new pattern, and word is, so are you! I strive to create fun, comfy and functional sewing patterns.- find my range here or purchase over in the right hand side bar- instand pdfs!

The Bare Essentials consists of a super comfy tank top in two lengths and amazingly comfy undies- elastic free- in full or hip style.

Let's sew up some Undie's of Awesome-ness! This is the " in the flat"  method, where our bands are all attached before the side seams and waist are sewn up. Very quick and easy.

The Bare Essentials are designed for knit fabrics, preferably with a spandex content. Jersey,
interlock or rib knits may be used. For best results, I recommend high quality knits from Crafty Mamas!

Repeat after me..."Knits are NOT scary. Knits are your friend!"
Seriously, they are very forgiving! You have a little wiggle room with knits!

Just a few hints to help....

Be sure to wash, dry and iron your knit fabrics before you proceed to cut out, as they may
shrink. Wash colours with like- as new fabric colours run still.

When cutting out, ensure you have the greatest stretch running around the body, and that the
fabric is resting flat on the surface ie; not hanging off a table, that may distort your cutting.

Some knits with spandex can experience rolling along the selvage, which is jolly well annoying
when you are cutting out your pattern pieces. Carefully trim off the selvage and your fabric will
sit flat.

Sew your knit fabrics either with an overlocker/serger - or a sewing machine using stretch or
ballpoint needles.

If using a sewing machine - check manual for suitable stretch stitches. For hemming, use a
stitch that will still allow your garments to s-t-r-e-t-c-h or you will get popped stitches. A triple
stitch, a serpentine (3 step zig zag), or use a stretch twin needle to great effect too.

Always have your iron handy, the key to getting good sewing results with knits is pressing each
seam as you go.

Cutting out your UNDIES!

Cut 1 x UNDIES FRONT on the fold
Cut 1 x UNDIES BACK on the fold
Cut 1 x UNDIES LINER on the fold
*Cut 1 x Waistband
*Cut 2 x Legbands

*A quick word about the bands. The cutting measurements we give are a rough guide, you may find your fabric is super stretchy and you need to make them shorter- play it by ear!

1. Lay out all the cut pieces [in the following order, named from the bottom up]. Front (right
side up), Back (wrong side up), Liner (wrong side up) ** For a full front liner, cut out another
front piece in lining fabric instead of using the liner piece.

2. Stitch the crotch seam using a 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance

3. Seam finish the other end of the liner [optional, as knits do not fray]. **Skip this step if
you are using a full front lining.

4. Flip the liner forward so the seam is in the middle -- laying on the front piece. Make sure
to pull it completely flat and pin in place. **If you are using a full front lining, the liner will align
with ALL the edges of the front piece. Pop a few pins in to keep it all nice and flat.

In this tute, I am applying the legbands and waistband " in the flat", where we
apply the legbands before sewing up the side seams. Stitch one side seam, then
apply the waistband and stitch up remaining side seam.

Let's grab our legbands and waistband strips....

And press them in half lengthwise....

Now grab one of your legbands, and mark halfway with a pin or chalk. Then divide your leg opening in half and mark also. Pin band to opening ( if you are many as you need).

Place your legband, right sides and raw edges together, on top of the leg opening. We are now going to sew the band on, just the same as we did for our Tshirt here.
Starting from one end, begin sewing...stretching the legband  slightly as you go but NOT the leg opening of the undies, to meet up with your next pin. ( be sure and remove pins before sewing!). You will eventually come to your 1/2 way mark, and now continue on sewing, slightly stretching the legband as you go to enable it to fit the leg opening area.

Turn, and press's one legband finished!

Repeat with other legband and leg opening.... til you get both done! Press .

Inside shot of our liner sitting nice and flat.

Now see the seam allowance? Some folks like to topstitch that down, from the right side, using a serpentine stitch ( 3 step zig zag), to stop it annoying them. Personally, it does not bother me, so I leave.

Now we need to sew up our side seams! Lay your undies down, Front and Back together, right sides facing. Pin the sides- matching carefully the leg bands ( trim any excess legband you may have left).

When sewing " in the flat" you will always get a little bit of movement in your leg bands when you sew them- and this may cause them to be not aligned perfectly ( if this bothers you- go for sewing in the round instead, where the bands are enclosed and sewn on at the end). To minimize this movement, I like to pin the bands carefully together- and then  begin sewing them with the sewing machine...then stop and return to over locker and go over it, continuing down the entire seam.

Here's our first side seam done!
And opened out, give a good press...

Now before we sew up the other side seam, we are going to attach the waistband! Press it in half, raw sides and wrong sides we did for our leg bands. Divide in half, mark, and do the same for our waistband opening.

Sew on as we did the leg bands.. turn and press.

And now sew up the remaining side seam, just as we did the first one!

Turn your undies right side out, press and topstitch around the waist if desired with serpentine stitch.

To finish off the ends where we have sewn up the side seams, trim back the thread on this final seam to a couple of cm's, then fold back on the actual seam..
Like this....

...and sew a few stitches to secure it . This tucks it in nicely and stops those straggly threads hanging out the ends of sleeves and neckbands, legbands etc.


Now how Quick and Easy was that? 

Enjoy making your new Crafty Mamas " Bare Essentials" undies in the flat!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Ottobre Design Magazine Spring 1/2013

It's almost that time again folks! The much loved Spring edition of Ottobre Design Magazine is not far off!

Full of beautiful sewing projects for you to make- this issues themes are:

We meet children from all over the world and respond to
a number of reader requests for patterns, including underwear,

jackets, coats, dresses, overalls and pants.
A lovely chef’s outfit and a hooded sweat jacket for a little
bat man. Sizes 92-170 cm


Baby basics get a revamped jazzy look in an exciting
adventure that features tigers and dinosaurs.
Sizes 56-92 cm


The schoolchildren’s spring collection is bright, sporty and laid-back and includes hooded sweat jackets,
corduroy pants, cargo pants, a T-shirt, a tunic and jersey pants. Sizes 128-170 cm

You can pre-order your copy here! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Crafty Mamas ' " the Bare Essentials" pattern!

Have you grabbed your pdf copy of my new pattern, " the Bare Essentials"?!!

The Bare Essentials is lovely little set of ladies undies and tank top. The undies are in full or hipster
style, and sew up very quickly. With minimal seams, they are super comfy to wear!
The matching tank can be made waist or hip length, with optional shelf bra, and is easily and quickly
sewn up!

Suited to knit fabrics only.- our fabrics are perfect! Why settle for boring undies when you can have amazing?!

Crafty Mamas patterns are designed by me, Lisa, and professionally drafted and graded by Jodie of Jocole patterns.

From Suz 

From Tracey

 Get the pdf automatically here when you pay with Paypal!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crafty Mamas New patterns preview!

I have two new sewing patterns that are due for release over the next few weeks!

The first is a very special design for kids sizes 2-12.

" Off with the Pixies".

Designed for knit fabric  only and perfect for using up those precious knit fabrics from Crafty Mamas!
The Off with the Pixies has 3 lengths, ( tunic, knee, or calf) and come with glorious long angel style sleeves or short flutter sleeves. There is also an optional  Pixie hood! Off with the Pixies can be made in solid colours OR we give you splicing lines to create a perfect patchy style creation!

Here's the work of one of our fabulous testers, Jodie..(thanks Jodie!)

Crafty Mamas " Off with the Pixies" will be available as a pdf or paper pattern soon! ( and we have a Mama version on the way!!).

The second pattern is for Mamas only!

 The Crafty Mamas " Bare Essentials" ! A perfect undies and tank pattern! In sizes xs-xxxl, these undies are designed with comfort in mind, ( they won't pinch, grab  or go up your bum). In hipsters or full brief. The super comfy tank top (with optional shelf bra) is in two lengths, and both are  going to become wardrobe staples! Suited to our cotton/lycra knits.

Bare Essentials will be available in pdf or paper soon! 

Thursday, November 08, 2012

GIVE-AWAY! 4 Ingredients " Thermo-struck" Cook book

Winner announced! has selected comment Kylie, congrats ! Please let  me know where to send your book, and thankyou to the 4 Ingredients cookbook, developed for Thermochef... " Thermostruck".by Kim McCosker for this lovely Give-away!
Kylie said...
Lemon Butter is my hand down favourite thing. The blade makes it a little difficult to lick the bowl though.

You may have read my recent post  , well, ok, RAVE, about how much I am enjoying the new 4 Ingredients cookbook, developed for Thermochef... " Thermostruck".by Kim McCosker.

 So far I've tried : 
Rum balls page 41, 
Beef curry page 90,
Curried fish with coconut rice page 94,
Tray bake choc cake page 126,
Whole orange cake page 129,
Blueberry cheesecake icecream page 139( OMG! Amazing!)

..and trust me, you need this book. It is written with the Natura Thermochef in mind, but is easily converted for the Thermomix or Bellini.

The lovely author Kim McCosker, has very kindly given us a copy of "Thermostruck"  to give away!

If you would like to be in with a chance to win this fabbo cookbook, please leave me a comment, and tell me what is YOUR fave thing to thermocook?? 

Good Luck, I'll announce the winner Mon 12th Nov!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Book review: Thermo Chef Natura "I've been ThermoStruck" by Kim McCosker

My copy of the Thermo Chef Natura: I've been Thermostruck book arrived this week, and I am pretty excited with it!
No, I don't have a Thermo Chef, but I do have a Thermomix that I thrash to death and a Bellini Kitchen Machine. The recipes in this new book are happily "do-able" for other Thermo kitchen machines.

Why do I love this book? If you have are familiar with any of the 4 Ingredients Cook books ( I think I have them all..surprised?!!) you will know they focus on quick, easy to prepare, family friendly meals. And  Thermo Chef Natura  Thermostruck is no different. The author Kim McCosker has created fabulous recipes that work so well with the Thermo style of cooking and preparation. If your focus is on healthy foods you can prepare quicker- this book is for you!

“I’ve been Thermostruck” has over 125 recipes ranging from the creamiest of porridges, risottos and ice creams. Breads and doughs, soups and sauces, desserts – interestingly including a sub-chapter called ‘Amazing Icings’ (and that they are!) - and introducing a chapter for the ThermoBambino."
( from

Some recipes I can't wait to take for a spin? Lady Coconut, Choc-Toffee Truffles, Energy Bars, Sesame and Honey bars, Yummy Chickpea and Lime salad, Lamb with date and Pistachio Salsa, Whole orange cake ( that'll be a winner for the cricket team tomorrow!) .

It really is a great little book and focuses on using ingredients that most of us probably already have kicking around ( all right, I have a pretty intense pantry but truly, it's a ripper book).

You can find  yummy sample recipes and interact with the author here on their FB page  (tell them Crafty Mamas sent you!)

This is not a paid sponsor post, so my opinion is my own ;)

Happy Cooking and Crafting


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Farbenmix Baby Collection Vol II

So so cute!

 I've been having fun with this gorgeous new Farbenmix pattern

. Zwergenverpachung Vol 2.
 Sizes 50/56-86/92cm.
You can grab a copy from Crafty Mamas Fabrics here!
This is the Shirt pattern, in Size 92. My little model is a Size 1 Aus.
Designed for knit fabrics.
 The shirt is quick and easy to sew up, the mixed sleeves add a little fun, or you can keep solid. It has an easy to sew shoulder opening. 
Perfect for little people! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 22: A tip for sewing with stripes

It just occurred to me that this may help some of our newby sewists.....when you are cutting out items that you want the stripes to be placed exactly the same....

Like these sleeve pieces, or say the legs of pants., or front and back of a top- cut your first piece out....

Insert a couple of pins to keep your fabric aligned and stop it from moving around on you, then use the piece you just cut ( this one has seam allowance added) as your pattern piece, place it on top of your fabric..aligning the stripes so that you get a cool camo thing happening...

..can you see it in there? Now cut your second pattern piece out.....

And you get perfectly aligned stripes.

And I am heading back to my sewing! 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 19th Cookbooks

I know, I have missed a lot of days!!! But if good intentions count for anything- I am here blogging ever day. I often has blog posts going through my head, but never get the chance to get in here and get them down!

In our house, I am known as the Book Queen. Cookbooks, craft books, sewing books, knitting books, non fiction, fiction ( S King!), Doomsday Prepper books., vintage books, DIY books, quite an eclectic range.
I  have books on every topic from SAS Survival skills, to making your own lace,  hosting a garden party for aristocrats, to Chopper Reed, to teaching primary children get the idea? Any time I go near an op shop, the husband pales with fear. But as I keep saying- I am NOT a hoarder. You can easily walk around my piles of stuff- and there in lies the definition of a Non- Hoarder!!

 Recently I found quite a large pine book shelf at the opshop, it now resides in my kitchen along with quite a few more bookshelves. The poor suffering husband is always grumbling about my "books" so I find I need to purge a few every now and then to keep him happy!! ( oh but I hate the purging process!).

The trouble with having so many books ( as is the same with sewing patterns) you tend to forget what you have, and not get the maximum enjoyment from them. So I have decided to start grabbing out a cookbook each week- and cooking from it for the week. Duh, simple....who would have thought? This process will also help me decide if I really really need to be hanging onto a book or not !

Without further ado, this weeks cooking title is...

" Bill's Basics" by Bill Granger.

This book was a gift to me, by my lovely friend Sara of Willow and Moo. It is glorious, and I think I have only ever used it once. Shame on me.  That's all changing this week!

How yum does this look??? Off to do my shopping list!

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