Thursday, August 16, 2007

OTTOBRE Sewing, Reading and Cooking!


From Issue 4/2003, Pattern #10, Child's nightie. Another nice quick pattern to sew up of an evening! I love that Ottobre patterns always work!!


Over the past month I have read a few books..shh..I should not have time for reading, I am meant to be studying! My fave this month is the new novel by the author of The Dressmaker, Rosalie Ham. Her new one is Summer at Mount Hope. It is described as being an outback Pride and Prejudice...which I think sums it up very well. I enjoyed it, buy I did not find the characters as interesting as the ones in The Dressmaker. I'm listing it on eBay today.


I have been making a fabbo Fruit bread in the bread maker, and have just posted the recipe over at Crafty Mamas. It is yummo, and lends itself to lots of variation re;fruit.

As it was beastly cold here yesterday, I decided to thaw some lamb chops and cooked up an good old fashioned Irish Stew. This involves layering bbq chops, sliced potatoes and onions in a large pot. Season with parsley, slat and pepper.Cover with about 2 cups of water and let cook gently for about an hour. Divine. Just the ticket for a cold winter evening. I love Irish tucker.

What have you been cooking up?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

OTTOBRE Woman Issue 2 & FABRIC !!

I managed to sneak some sewing time on Sunday and made up Pattern #4 from the new Womens Ottobre. I love it! It's the one featured on the cover, except I made it in a charcoal cotton/spandex knit. I think it turned out quite well. I have plans to make more! Sorry about the dodgey pic, it's hard to take a decent pic of yourself! Note: must read instruction book to figure out the timer thingy! I am so impresses with the ladies Otto patterns, (and the kids!) they make such great, easy to wear fashion patterns.

Ok, I've told a's now official. Crafty Mamas SHOP will from here on in be stocking very groovy fabric each season from overseas! Yep, the some fabric you and I have drooled over in Ottobre and Bizz Kids...exciting hey??

Our first lot arrives any day now...with lots more coming in for Spring/Summer. You can get a sneak preview in the
CraftyMamas Online Shop! Lot's of Poplin Oli flowers...oh, what can we make?!!! I'm thinking skirts and dresses...beautiful.

I tell you, it's very bad...all I want to do is sew. I am getting no housework or study done at all!


At CM we have regular SWAPS, and they are great fun. Yesterday I received my items from my SWAP buddy for the Recycled SWAP. You had to create a craft item using mostly recycled items. Here's what the very clever Witchieg made for me:

1)A lovely white cotton apron with a stencilled Fleur de Ly's/heart print! I am a real apron gal, so I love this. 2) A cute little pin with groovy paper shoes inside! So sweet! My girls have their eyes on this..will have to watch it! 3) And a stunning handbag made from a woollen jumper! She has felted and then blanket stitched the edges, and hand quilted the outside! It is stunning! I love it so!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


And, now..I have it!!
Amazon Online Reader : New Fix-It-Yourself Manual: How to Repair, Clean, and Maintain Anything and Everything in and Around Your Home

This holy grail of books tells you exactly how to fix stuff around the home! With pictures and diagrams!! From the Kitchen Aid to the fridge to the air con to the whipper snip per...awesome! Small and large appliances, all about tools...I tell ya...I think hubby has been made redundant!!

An essential book for any Crafty Mama!

BIZZKIDS / SUE&BLU...Exclusive!

We have two new pattern mags arriving soon in the Crafty Mamas SHOP. From the Netherlands the super cool BizzKid and the ultra trendy Sue and Blu. Crafty Mamas is the first to stock these cool mags in Australia!

Please email me if you would like to reserve a stocks wil be limited and they go quick!

BizzKids and Sue & Blu pattern mags feauture full patterns...but the instructions are in German. However, if you can sew..who needs the instructions?? :) The designs are stunning, very very chic. Gorgoeus Euro flavoured designs, similar to Oilily. And....ssh...we have some VERY special fabric coming too!!

Here's a sample of Bizz Kids...

And Sue & Blu...

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