Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ottobre Design #301 Finally!

I Challenged myself to make three of these last weekend, and fell in a heap thankyou very much to the Flu! But today I managed to get 2 made, in very little time with minimal fuss. Love this pattern. This is our Go-To pattern for short and long sleeve tees that fits 3 of my 4 kids. It comes in sizes 92-170cm, Euro sizing.

 You have the option of either a bound neckline or a banded neckline, I've done both to show you. One tip with these: remember to NOT add seam allowance to either the neckband piece or the neckline.- Otto already include them, but you do for the rest of the pattern pieces. The pattern has some really really great info on sewing knits,  and embellishing, written in Otto's clear and concise style with detailed pics as well.
The two versions are either close fitting ( more girly) or more straight cut. ( more boyish). I have made both straight cut as it suits the child in question better.

Ok, to show you mine..the first one I made from the beautiful Mad Sky organic apple knit. This stuff is divine. So soft and dreamy...I have used the same fabric to make the neckband, and included a smidge of Farbenmix ribbons ( as you do...) in the seam insert. This met with the client's ( Lil, age 6) approval. I have a friend with a new babe coming...I think I'll be using some of this for a babe outfit!

And the second, which was met with actual squeals of delight, ( that's when you know you have a winner folks..)...this is made from Blood red STELLA and Girly Pink STELLA. Stella is a fabulous knit for these, especially the close fit version as it has that 4 way stretch going on. Now, the embroidery is by the same designer as the Fox and Friends Farbenmix ribbon!, Hamburger Leibe. I did the embroidery on the weekend, just on a piece of Eco felt and then appliqued it on today, including matching ribbon under it and the side seam.

This one has the bound neckline version...easy peasy. I do all the seams on the overlocker, but the necklines on the machine using stretch needles. 

Happy Sewing!


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