Friday, August 27, 2010

Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #301 Sew-a-long!

Last week I made up 3 of the #303, this weekend, I have Challenged myself to make 3 x #301.

Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #301 ( aint that a mouthful?) is nothing short of brilliant. A fabulous kids tee pattern, perfect for beginners with knits, and those wanting a blank canvas to get creative with. Read my recent post on them HERE.  You can grab a #301 from Crafty Mamas. 

I'll be using an assortment of the wonderful knits in stock at Crafty Mamas, with some cool little embellishments and hacks added ( I know...I just cannot do "plain"!)

Please join me in our #301 Sew-a-long! 
Follow our progress in the Crafty Mamas forum
where you can also see 5 years worth of pattern reviews, and other fun stuff!

Happy Sewing this weekend!

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