Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TUTE: Freezer paper stencils

Reynolds Freezer paper ( in the CM shop) makes stenciling quick, easy and less messy. Normally I use acrylic paint that I mix with textile medium....and this works very well for plain designs. But lately I am in pursuit of ***Glittery*** finishes! I've been trying other mediums on fabric like flexible fabric glue, foil and fabric glitter. Here's a little tute to get you started...

The beauty of Reynolds freezer paper is that is is fairly easy to see through it, so it is simply a matter of a  putting asheet of it over the top of your design and tracing off your stencil. OR: You can trim a sheet to A4 size and simply put it in your printer and print directly onto the freezer paper. Cool, huh?

Here's my design... now I cut it out using my very small  curved embroidery scissors..

 And here it is traced onto my freezer paper and cut out, and placed over the garment.

NOTE:  you have to make sure you keep your little inner bits (ie;  the middle of the o's and g's) and then iron these on after..I use tweezers to place them..and always end up running my fingers over with the iron.

Iron on your freezer paper. On the inside of your garment, iron a piece the same size also..to prevent any paint etc leaking through onto the back of the tee.Back it to the inside front.

 Now, you can either use fabric paint, maybe thickened bleach, fabric glitter paint...or I used flexible fabric glue. The best thing I have found to daub the paint on is a lambwool roller (very small) that I have trimmed the nap way back on. You want a light even coat of paint. Don't brush or you will take the paint off as you go .Light even "daubs". When you are done, leave  it to sit flat until the paint dries. Then gently peel off your stencil..little by little. Then remove the little inner bits with tweezers.

Next you may need to heat set your paint,  refer to the instructions on the product you used.  Then go show off your handiwork!

Here's mine after I applied the foil. It is not as bright as I wanted..but it's a start!

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fallen~from~grace said...

Hey that's.....groovy!!!

I love freezer paper stencilling, I don't know why I don't do more of it! Your tute has inspired me to do some with the kids (YIKES!) these holidays.
Thanks Lisa :)


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