Sunday, September 26, 2010


Early on in the week I signed up for this Challenge, thinking, "wonderful!". I do have a regular sewing day each Wednesday, but this was just another little incentive. I was so enthused!

And what happened? 

My whole world got turned upside down, as  Crafty Mamas  fell victim to some stupid hacker ( so did 100,000's of other sites). Sigh. Big, stressful week of working with the ever patient techy gurus to put stuff back right.
But in the midst of all the stress and frustration, each day I did a little bit more if my project. And this morning, it is done. 

DESTINA is a lovely Farbenmix pattern, it is only in German though, so you need to have your thinking cap on when cutting it out. Once you have identified all your pieces, it's all smooth sailing. There is a really handy pic by pic tute that Farbenmix provide too. It is essentially, a pieced peasant type dress. The piecing is where you can really have some fun..selecting fabrics etc.

I have chosen to omit the front opening, as Lil is not partial to buttons, she's more of an over the head kinda gal.  

The fabric are a mixture. Mostly polka dots  and Babushkas from my stash.The adorable Farbenmix toadstools fabric is from the Crafty Mamas shop ( love this!). 
The machine embroidery is from Kunterbunt Design, from the Fox and Friends range, it's backed with Kunin felt. The Farbenmix ribbons are from the Crafty Mamas shop, too. The little dragonfly charm you can just see...from my sewing box!

So, that was my weeks challenge! 


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...


So euro, lucky Lil.

jolijou said...

What a beautiful Destina!!
Good on you for joining in on the challenge too! It must have been especially hard of you this poor thing! Hope you managed to get everything fixed in the end.
xoxo andrea

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