Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Garden on my kitchen bench

 What's that lurking on my kitchen bench? A UFO?

A UFO with worms inside???

Nah, it's my u-beaut new little seed sprouter!

I grabbed this from the health food store the other day, 4 days later, fresh yummy sprouts!
This is the smallest single tray set up, about $30. In the past I have followed the method of Carla Emery, using a flat casserole dish and wet paper towel, sprouting the seeds on the towel.  But this is oh so much easier!
The base of this has four little legs, and the sprout tray has four little notches. Seeds need rinsing in fresh water each day, and this little baby makes it so easy. You just put a few cm of water in the brown base,  then turn the white tray so it moves off the legs and "dip" it in the water a few times. Lift, drain, then sit it back on it's little feet. Love this idea. I'm officially done with paper towel, jars and cheesecloth! 
This is a mix of seeds- alfalfa, mung beans , can get quite creative!

Salad anyone?

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willow and moo said...

That's awesome Lisa. I know sprouts are supposed to have lots of nutrients too. I never seem to get around to sprouting anything or even buying them. I should though as Mollie likes them!

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