Monday, September 13, 2010


This was my project last Wed, finally got it hemmed yesterday!! It is one of my most fave patterns..Farbenmix AMELIE ( from the Cm shop..of course!).

AMELIE is a tunic style tee. Although Miss B has been known to use them as dresses! It is currently only available in German, but I hear an English translation is in the wings. is a very simple 2 piece pattern...easy peasy. Either bind the neckline and sleeves or apply a band.

I made this one from the summer weight cotton was in the shop a few years back, remember? Lovely light weight. I then dyed it in Dharmas Raspberry. Hmm..I think the title Beetroot is more appropriate!! Just bucket dyed, and scrunched a bit. I really, really like this..but Miss B is not sold on the colour.

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