Monday, August 23, 2010

3 x #303! Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #303 that is...

I really love this pattern...seriously, I do! To show you guys how it looks in different knits ( and to help fill the void in my wardrobe) I whipped up 3 last week.  All different, all fun, all fabulous. Let's take a look...

The Pattern! In the one pattern you get Euro sizes 34-52. I am an Aussie 24, so made the 52cm.

Available here at Crafty Mamas.

#303 #1.

I blogged about this one HERE . This fabric is a cotton/elastine knit, very warm, and takes machine embroidery well. It is not clingy, so you end up with an almost sweater like top.

#303 #2.
The Keyhole neckline version. This one I altered the neckline to be a keyhole,
This is in cotton/spandex knits from the Crafty Mamas shop,
Fabric: Groovy printed Funky Fall cot/lycra knit from Cm and Stella in Jade lime.
so although the neckline is low, it sits in tight up against you ( I would not want it any lower mind you...).

How to do a keyhole?
Simply take your cutting line down...

Then bind your keyhole.... lots of pins...

then I sew with a regular machine, using a slightly longer straight stitch.

Then finish of your bound neckline as you normally do. ( except when you cross the key hole, you simply sew the binding to itself).

Then continue on as per normal. Easy and a bit different.

#303 #3! Short sleeved version.

Fabric: This is made from Vermont knit. It's by the makers of Stella, a 100% cotton rib. This is from a Buy we had. I love it for kids singlets, pj's etc.It was white til I got to it>>> Dharma, RUST procion dye.
Being a 100% cotton rib knit, this has little recovery, so you don't want it too tight or you will get "bagging".

Transfer: This cool Frida design is by Lilbooblue.

So there you go, #303 3 ways!

Lisa :)


Cork said...

Those t-shirts look great! Can you please tell us what sizes are in the pattern. :)

Crafty Mama said...

Hi Cork, thankyou. I have just edited the post too add sizes ( silly me!). #303 is in Euro 34-52.
I made the 52, as I am an Aussie 24.

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