Saturday, August 14, 2010

OTTOBRE DESIGN Creative Workshops

As well as dishing up the much loved Ottobre design mag, Otto also have a fantastic range of Creative Workshop patterns.

The kids t shirt workshop #301 has been a fave of the Crafty Mamas for many  years now. It is one of the best fitting t shirt patterns around. It gives you the option of a close  or looser fit tshirt, with  some great ideas included for embellishing. It also has clear and detailed instructions, as Otto are well known for.

So what could be better than #301? The Creative Workshop #303 for Mamas!

#303 is not called " The Best Tops" for nothing. It really is fabulous and a must have in your stash. There are nine variations, including three necklines, as well as option for sleeveless, short or long.

I have challenged myself to complete 3 of these  between now and next Friday ( oh yes and I forgot Book Week is in there too..drat!).

The first of my offerings....the U neckline ( scoop) in a new knit the CM shop is carrying ( will be up soon) CALIFORNIA in Blood red. This is a cotton/elastine ribbed knit, very snuggly and comfy. It's embellished with a machine embroidery I did on Rainbow felt.
Finished off with some of the new pom pom trim on the sleeves ( very Frida!). 

This embroidery design is from  huups, the Frida set by Luzia Pimpinella. 
If you love the range of Farbenmix ribbons and iron velours we stock, you will be keen to check out as they have lots of machine embroidery designs that match...Cool huh?

Ok, I'll check back soon with two more #303's!

Happy Sewing!

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