Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Who's joining the Wednesday Sewers today?

Each Wednesday the Crafty Mamas buckle down and get stuck into it! We post our progress in the forum throughout the day.
Care to join us? Please do!

To provide a little instant only there is 10% off ALL e-patterns.
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See them all here!

MODKID knits

A few of you have noticed some of the MODKID knits have been up in the store, the rest should be up tomorrow!
And, yes, they are delightful! They are a heavier weight knit, so good for the Aussie winter.
Patty Young, the designer, ( and owner of MODKID!) has done some nifty video tutes to help those with knit phobia...directed at hemming knits.
#1 Coverstitch

#2 rolled hems

#3 Lettuce edge

#4 faux cover stitch

#5 zig zag


Keep up to speed on what comes  in and when, snavel sales quickly, or just say "hi!".

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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