Wednesday, November 01, 2006

SWAPs, Frida , Fabric and Other mutterings!


We are having a CD SWAP over at Crafty Mamas. This the holder Justinamaria sent her CD to me in, and included a cute Charlie and Lola card! I can't wait to play the CD.

I also received a hand made birthday card from inkinwithjoylcynn..she makes THE best cards!

Card from inkinwithjoyclynn

I found some groovy almost Frida type coffee mugs on the weekend, and the best bit? They came with a fabbo matching round box!! ( Is that correct? Is it still a box if it's round??) I will use the box for my hand sewing.

Frida (kinda) mugs

I bought some lovely batik fabric the other day...I think I'll make some strip skirts and a dress for the girls from it. I have been sewing hankies from some hanky linen a friend gave me., they will be stocking stuffers.

Homemade Hankies


Finally, dd got four tubs of bought Playdo for her birthday last week ( she has only ever had homemade ) and this is what's left of it ...she has been mixing it in her wooden mix master, then making cookies with it.

Playdo cookie mix

Thanks goodness our Challenge for November at Crafty Mamas is to get as many Christmas items crafted as possible~I really need some pushing to get going!!

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