Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fruit trees and sewing...

We are all pretty darn excited to finally have some other fruit in the back yard apart from lemons!! We did have passionftuit, but it met with an untimely death thanks to dh and the whipper snipper.
Some baby gala apples and baby oranges!! I hope these trees will be loaded with fruit next year!

On the topic of the back yard...the beast of a dog ate the new bed I lovingly made her. Not surprising, as she eats everything. This one was pretty sturdy, though, so I'm surprised she chewed it up too. A trip to the Op Shop has ended with her having a very nice purple wool blanket.
How long this will last is anyones guess. Ahh..Lab pups are SUCH pains!

This is a shirred top/skirt I made last night, it was from an old tank top of mine that had stretched out too wide. I still have a fair bit of fabric left, too. I love the tie dye.

And, the cotton/lycra top I knitted for Lil. It had
quite a few mistakes that I needed to hide...but for a first effort, I reckon it's ok!!

I have SO much sewing and crafting I want to get done, I think I need to start listing it all down. I also have the Secret Santa SWAP at Crafty Mamas to get to work on, that will be a fun project.

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