Thursday, November 09, 2006

More cooking and Sewing

A top from Ottobre Design Summer issue 2/2005. Pattern 11/12
I made this top up for Lil. The front is meant to have two rows of shirring, but I did not do that, Lil has a tummy ( like her mum!) and tight things annoy her. It's a quick easy pattern, that can also be made into a dress. I am wondering if it would be too much made from batik into a dress? I'll have to think on it.
Now, Bon wan't a dress and top too. So much sewing to do around here!

Still battling the egg supply here! Here's my 4 egg sponge with strawberries and cream...

I have also been trying some old fashioned cooked fudge recipes ( under the pretence of gifting people fudge for Christmas). I think my candy thermometre may be out ~ I can't get it to set and then have to boil it up again . So, back to the drawing board on that one.

Last night, I made sushi for the kids and we had Lamb Madras and Mango Kulfi. I love that we are so multi cultural!

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Marie said...

DD looks very happy with the looks great.

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