Monday, November 27, 2006

Jeans to Skirt fun, Fabric STASH!

I have been dying to try the jeans to skirt thing...there are several good links with instructions posted on Crafty Mamas. I thought I would start out small first. DD had a pair of much loved but too short floral jeans. I turned them into a long skirt, adding some pink Fairy fabric panels. DD was not impressed, however, as she wanted a SHORT skirt. So, after top stitching it all, I had to cut it down to make a SHORT skirt. Here's the end result, andthe extra bit I now have left over! It was a fun project, I am all set to do one for me now ~mine will be long, however.

My fabric stash. Whoever dies with the most fabic wins? I was inspired ( well guilted, really) by Justinamarias neat piles of fabric. Here are mine...I have put all the winter fabrics away, but left all my lighter weight ones out on the window seat. This is great, as I get inspired whenever I walk past. Dh, is not so inspired...I may have to find them another home shortly. The box is full of smallish bits of fabric, possibly good for patchwork.


Vi said...

Very clever converting the jeans. The skirt looks fab!! And LoVe your fabric stash. :-)

blondebabypeaches said...

It loks fab! such a cute skirt!
The top you asked about was from this tut

on craftster - so easy to make and it is my most comfy top.

Crafty Mama said...

Ahh..I thought it may have been! I have that craftster tutorial printed out and on my To do pile!! Thankyou!! :)

Marie said...

Ah I love that skirt. and the fabric stash - mmm.

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