Monday, November 06, 2006

4 Day Weekend! KNITTING!!

Ahh..yes , Australia truly is the Land of the Long weekend. We have a 4 day weekend!! Which is beaut. It's nice not rushing anywhere. I've done a spot of knitting...
A couple of iPod cozie's. My son found them on a Blog somewhere...but the pattern used a wool unavailable here in Australia. I had to improvise. They came up ok. I am still working on the Splice Tank out of YARN magazine. It is very fine cotton/lycra yarn, and taking a while. I have my copy of Big Girls Knits. I can't wait to try a pattern from it.

We are painting the outside of our house!! Very exciting!! Then, we get a new garden to match it!! It's being transformed into a lovely stone colour, with deep henna trim. Which means I will be able to have some lovely red roses in the garden. I think roses are pretty much dog proof, too.

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