Thursday, August 16, 2012

CRAFTY MAMA's " the FUNKY pants"!!!

Introducing the latest in the Crafty Mamas pattern range.." the FUNKY pants"!

And boy, are these FUNKY!!

Our wonder pattern testers raved about the Funky Pants!
(thanks guys!)

Crafty Mamas patterns are designed with comfort, fun and funkiness in mind!

Crafty Mamas “The FUNKY pants” is a fun, comfy, easy to sew  flare leg pants with 3 length options!
In children’s sizes 2-10.

As a pair of full length flare pants, capris or shorts- “The FUNKY pants”
is a wonderful blank canvas for you to have fun with.

The super comfy waistband is constructed of cotton/elastomeric knits- so no elastic is required.
There are two waistband options:
Regular waistband or double yoga style band.

“The FUNKY pants”

Is for knit fabrics only.

The Yoga style band requires a cotton/elastomeric knit.

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Sair said...

They look great! Congratulations!

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