Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Review: Improv Sewing

I really do think the authors of Improv Sewing had me in mind when they penned this book- 

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So many beautiful projects for knit fabrics!!!  Being a plus size sewer, I love that this book has you make your own pattern pieces- so you get a perfect fit for you!! I love that it features raw edges, unhemmed hems, panels with stitching on the outside...simple shapes that look glorious!

There are dresses, tunics, scarves, skirts, and heaps of other projects I just love. 

The chapters on Lines and Doodling, Sketching, Writing are just glorious, so much texture to be had! I have become quite jaded with craft/sewing books of late, so Improv Sewing is a breath of fresh air for this Crafty Mama ;).
 Just perfect for Crafty Mamas gorgeous range of knit fabrics!

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