Saturday, April 07, 2012

More Stunt UNDIES!

I have been trying out a few kids undies patterns lately, to try and find the most comfy one for Miss L.

Yesterday I tried the Fishsticks Designs " Little Fishies Undies"  I've been thinking about stocking these in the Crafty Mamas Shop- so was keen to test them out.

These undies have only one piece, that is to say, the front and back are cut in one piece. Drawback; it requires a longish piece of  knit fabric- whereas patterns with seperate front and back pieces allow you to use up your smaller off cuts. These sew up so quickly though, and there is no mucking around with the crotch piece.

The pattern is designed to have a lining , so a double layer of undies ( good for little ones) but too hot for my girl, so I only did one layer. Also, I omitted elastic and simply used STELLA from the Crafty Mamas shop- cutting the waistband piece shorter.

The Verdict: Much loved undies!


The Handmaden said...

They look great and very comfy!

Sair said...

Sew which is the best undies pattern to start with? My little one (2 yrs) is ready for some new ones, she would look really cute in those ones with the toadstools.

Crafty Mama said...

Sair I really like this pattern..the Fishsticks one, as it goes to size 12. But a lot of Crafty Mamas ( see the forum) are stitching up That Darn Kat undies!

Sair said...

Great, i'll check em out! Thankyou.

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