Monday, April 09, 2012

EASTER Crafty-Ness

Just because they are so cute and so much fun to make..MORE undies! I think everyone should have a pair of HILCO undies, don't you?

And a whole lot of Crafty-ness of another type going on here this weekend..the back verandah project suddenly took off. I have been waiting for 16 years for this project to be finished....and it seems it is underway again. (?!). No shortage of helpers - once the paint appeared...

No hair was brushed, but lots of fun and giggles,  ( the choc lab now has a red mohawk, the golden lab a red tail)....
I am sure the dogs will appreciate their new verandah!

Hope your Easter was good!


1 comment:

zofia said...

Haha, gotta love the '16 years later' project coming to fruition! Wonder what sparked it off?

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