Saturday, December 03, 2011

Things I am loving at the moment... Milli meet Lilly

Featured are:

Clockwise from #1:
1; Milli  fairy tale ribbon
2: Janeas World Hearts knit
3: Oh My Deer woven label
4. Milli Pure Love label
6.Milli Pure Love ribbon
7: Red Gingham Bias Binding8: bambi Mini-Art woven label
9: Sanetta Red Gingham jersey
10:  Milli Cotton Woven 11: Happy Mushroom green label
12: Hilco fabric Campan knit Red and Pink
13: Crafty Mamas own Iron On velour DEER
Finally, Centre is TUCI Piroschka Party Dress

In the past two weeks, Crafty Mamas shop has had me ran off my feet! Hardly surprising, when you pop over and see the amazing products we have to offer. The downside, of course, in being busy is my lack of time to sew. So as I pack and fold, I dream up design above.

Inspired by a favorite little dwarf from Bavaria, Milli.


Milli, you see, is a little dwarf who adores red and has long dark brown tendrils. My littlest dwarf, Lilly, loves red and has long, dark brown tendrils. Lilly has drawn the conclusion that Milli, is designed for her especially.  So let's not tell her otherwise?



Theresa Samiramina said...

of course its designed for her especially! even if the creative lady was unaware of it :)

Melissaem said...

How cute are all those girly christmas colours!

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