Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hysterical Christmas Crafting!

This year I am so very organised with the purchased gifts..all wrapped and under the tree, but so far behind on the handmade ones! Why oh why, did I not start these during the year??? Here's a few Softie ideas I LOVE...

Bullseye! From Running with Scissors.

Squirrelly from Studio Tantrum

One Eyed Monster by Fiskars

Rocketman by The Long Thread

And a Despicable Me Minion!

Happy Crafting! I'm heading back to the machine!

~Lisa ~


Amy said...

This has got to be my favourite online softie pattern that I'm DYING to make:

Crafty Mama said...

Amy that is awesome! I was reading about that blogger this week..can't remember what in!

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