Sunday, December 18, 2011

Five Stones

I am one of "those" mums that gifts children with books, crafty or educational items As an aside, I am also one "those" mums that does not allow Coke or white bread in the house. If the kids get to have McDonalds for a treat, it's the healthy option and NO coke, ever! ( much to the chagrin of our local Maccas, before they bought in bottles of water...

Maccas: " can't have a Happy Meal with no Coke, the drink is part of it".
 Me: " Just keep the Coke, we only want the food and toy"  ..
Maccas" .. " we can't do that.."  
Me:  "  Well tip the Coke down the sink I'm not taking it".

My kids friends think I am a little nuts but hey, they just may be right! We don't do Coke for several reasons, only one of them being the sugar issue and TEETH! The rest are political, and I wont bore you here.

So comes the Festive Season, and the kids want to gift their besties. Apparently, lollies are required, and maybe a card. But it MUST be lollies, Mum, or else we will be BANISHED.  

I much prefer my idea. handmade  Five Stones sets, with instructions. Much better for the grey matter, hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. There is a free tute here .

 How is your Christmas Crafting going? We need to try and eat here,  somehow...

 ..the verandah 's looking pretty good ( then I don't need to pack up!).



becci said...

oooh that's a cool idea for pressies. And we don't do Coke either...ever.

Seaside Siblings said...

cool idea! We don't do coke either, my girls prefer water or milk to anything else anyway, which is lucky.

Nadine said...

My daughter's favorite part of a Happy meal is the Apple Juice :)

Bev C said...

I am so glad to hear that. I hate white bread and get rather annoyed that the powers to be haven't done anything about the major supermarkets promoting white bread for a dollar. As for coke that is just a awful drink. Bring back real food.
Love the game you made up, I presume it is a take on knucklebones.

happy days.

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