Friday, December 03, 2010


Q. How many packets of bias trim does it take to finish off the bottom of a Redondo in the largest size??

A. One and a half. Truly. What was I thinking? Me with a migraine too?!!

This REDONDO is for a very special friend of Goth Girl's, for her birthday tomorrow ( which is coincidentally, also the eldest Crafty boy child's birthday...20!! When did that happen??He is not getting a Redondo though).  So, the Michael Miller Ta Dot Redondo...with a super cool pack of Enid Blyton books. What more could any 10 year old gal need/want?



flamehair said...

That is why I have done a rolled hem on both Redondos I have sewn so far. That hem is ridiculously long!

cherie said...

Looks really great! I'm sure she'll love it!

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