Friday, December 17, 2010


As you guys all know, Crafty Mamas is the Aussie agent for Farbemmix ( and Studio Tantrum, Ottobre Design and Stenzo. Yes, I wear many hats!). I am constantly amazed at the creative ways the Crafty world finds to utilize the delicious Farbenmix ribbons. I thought I'd do a little show case here for you...
( and there are some ribbons reduced too in the shop, if you are quick!).

pics are used with kind permission of farbenmix.d

The Ribbon Key Fob
These are very popular among the Crafty Mamas. 

churned these out. Don't they look amazing? 
There is a great little tutorial here for these and they also sell the required hardware. And of course, come see us at Crafty Mamas for some eye candy ribbon!
Hair Clip Holder

Absolutely love this idea! Farbenmix ribbon combined with huups embroidery.

And this one...

And this is a very clever and practical use of ribbon

How about getting the kids to hang up their towels?

Or trimming the all important backpack!

Ebook HERE
Ribbon, velour and printed Hilco  SUNNYFREE woven in the Cm Shop.

Baby Fun

And last but not least...

Love this idea!

The Farbenmix Inspiration page has these and many more fabulous ideas to add a little Farbenmix magic to your life. Bookmark it!


Handmade homegrown said...

How devine is that backpack!!
Actually they ALL are :D

I think I need more ribbon, I have been inspired ;)

Crafty Mama said...

..then my job here is done..:)

Actually, I have been inspired many cool ideas!

sallyb said...

I love that cushion! Not only does it look fabulous, but I can imagine how luscious it would feel to run your hand over it!

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