Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MOD KID Penny MOONLIGHTS as a Nightie!

I love the new knit patterns by Mod Kid designer Patty Young. In particular the Penny dress/top. It goes together so quickly and looks really cute. My girls have a few Penny dresses now, and need new nighties. So I grabbed the Penny and did a bit of a hack. I wanted it to have a bit more fullness in the lower bodice, so I went with the empire waist option, and  cut the top part of the front and back bodice out as per usual- but added seam allowance to the bottom edge.

Then with the lower bodice front and back pieces I wanted to add fullness across them- so positioned them 5cm back from the centre front like this, I also added a seam allowance to the top of the bodice piece, both front and back.. ( why? Because this pattern originally has the front and back pieces in the one piece. When you go the empire waist option, you need to slash the bodice and then add back seam allowance for where you will join it).

 So you will have two bottom bodice pieces - front and back- like this... two upper bodices and your neckband.
 Now you need to lightly gather both the upper part of the lower section of the front and back bodices to fit the  bottom of the upper front and back. I use the overlocker to gather mine- it's quick and easy to manipulate to fit... but use whatever way you prefer.

Then continue with the construction as per usual.You'll have a nighty in around 30 minutes. I did a rolled hem and sleeve on this nightie.

Happy Sewing!

Lisa :)

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