Monday, January 08, 2007


White cotton fabric with floral.

With everyone home, my sewing time has been very limited over the past week. I did manage these two shirred dresses though. The plain white one is in a white cotton with a fine embroidery throughout. I made a matching head scarf for this one too. This looks so cute on. I sell these in my Crafty Mamas SHOP, and do custom ones. Lil looks like a little angel in this outfit!

The second I made from some cheesecloth. Bon insisted it have grub roses embroidered on the front, so thanks to my embroidery machine...she got her wish. The cheesecloth seemed to grow while I was making this dress, it is a tad too wide. But she'll grow into it! It was great embroidery practice too, I must use the machnie more.

Grub roses on cheesecloth, shirred.
Op Shopping

A recent visit to the Op Shop saw me score some cool almost vintage pillow cases and some great fabric. I have not got plans for any of it yet, but I'm thinking.

Japanese Felt Craft Books
These are new too..very cool! So much stuff to do!

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Violet said...

The dress are lovely!! I must get to the op shops again..haven't been in ages. Looking forward to seeing what you make from the Japanese Books. :-)

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