Monday, January 08, 2007


OK, here's my New Years Resolutions:

1. To try and be creative everyday, no matter how small. Including being resourceful in material selection. I want to try and reuse materials rather than buy new, and also frequent the Op Shop.

2. To excerise 30 minutes each day, even if in 3 lots of 10 minutes. No excuses, just DO IT!

3. Cut back to one coffee a day, period. Drink more water, no sweet drinks.

4. Be more organised in everything I do. Think ahead, plan, inplement to make for a calmer smoother life.

5. To talk less, listen more.

No doubt there are plenty more, but these ones strike me today!

Happy New Year all!


Marie said...

Hey - those sound very similar to my own!

Violet said...

Hi :-) I have tagged you, check out my blog for details. I hope you don't mind. :-)

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