Friday, October 19, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 19th Cookbooks

I know, I have missed a lot of days!!! But if good intentions count for anything- I am here blogging ever day. I often has blog posts going through my head, but never get the chance to get in here and get them down!

In our house, I am known as the Book Queen. Cookbooks, craft books, sewing books, knitting books, non fiction, fiction ( S King!), Doomsday Prepper books., vintage books, DIY books, quite an eclectic range.
I  have books on every topic from SAS Survival skills, to making your own lace,  hosting a garden party for aristocrats, to Chopper Reed, to teaching primary children get the idea? Any time I go near an op shop, the husband pales with fear. But as I keep saying- I am NOT a hoarder. You can easily walk around my piles of stuff- and there in lies the definition of a Non- Hoarder!!

 Recently I found quite a large pine book shelf at the opshop, it now resides in my kitchen along with quite a few more bookshelves. The poor suffering husband is always grumbling about my "books" so I find I need to purge a few every now and then to keep him happy!! ( oh but I hate the purging process!).

The trouble with having so many books ( as is the same with sewing patterns) you tend to forget what you have, and not get the maximum enjoyment from them. So I have decided to start grabbing out a cookbook each week- and cooking from it for the week. Duh, simple....who would have thought? This process will also help me decide if I really really need to be hanging onto a book or not !

Without further ado, this weeks cooking title is...

" Bill's Basics" by Bill Granger.

This book was a gift to me, by my lovely friend Sara of Willow and Moo. It is glorious, and I think I have only ever used it once. Shame on me.  That's all changing this week!

How yum does this look??? Off to do my shopping list!


Cath said...

Oh, I totally understand the book obsession! Mine mainly runs to cooking and craft books and then of course there is the magazines...don't seem to make time for many novels these days. Confession...just bought Bill Cooks for Kids' this morning and carried it through Woolies using it as my shopping list. Lots of yummy recipes to be made this weekend!

quilary said...

Oh I feel right at home looking at your bookshelf. It's so hard to walk past book stores and newsagents without going in! I like your cookbook a week idea - that might help me justify the cookbook stash!

willow and moo said...

you know I have that cookbook "problem" too!

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