Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 1 and 2!

How did it get to Oct 2nd??? I thought it was the 1st today?!!! ARGH!!!!!

Ok, so I was packing orders all day yesterday and somehow lost track of the date- I'll do two posts today...can I do that? Why not ;)

This month I am challenging myself to blog every day with Blogtoberfest and hopefully get a bit more sewing happening round here. Today's project? Recreating a long sleeve tee for Lil from her most favourite one. I'll be back later to show and tell that one.

Some designs I love, I just wish they'd do plus sizes!!( The lack of decent plus size clothes is another reason I started pattern designing. ) Anyhoo,  some things I'm drooling over at the moment ( as is my 12 year old which leads me to believe, I may have never really grown up- but I look upon that as a bonus!).

Free People Leggings

Free People Cord patchy flares baby!    
Free People Boots!

Free People vest..squeee!

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NatashaMay said...

Oh, those patchy trousers look amazing. I wish I had the legs to go with them, too. :)

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