Saturday, November 12, 2011

So I like to Embellish a that wrong?

If you hang around the Crafty Mamas forum long enough, you will notice a similar trait among those of the Crafty Mama variety... we don't do plain very well, and quite often, can't leave well enough alone. 
It's not enough to create from scratch a gorgeous handmade design..we constantly feel the need to adorn our creations.We like to stencil, embroider, paint, applique, iron on, attach ribbon,labels, rip,tear, ...just to name a few of our vices.

So it's a jolly good thing the Crafty Mamas Shop has all you need, to allow you to tissy up to your hearts desire! 

 Crafty Mamas Iron Ons are often our weapon of choice when a quick fix is needed.
And why? They instantly elevate your handmade item from " Thanks Mum, another handmade tee.."  
" That's AWESOME , Mum, can you make me another??!".

These arrived yesterday, and well, I'm Smitten. Who wouldn't be?!



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