Sunday, November 20, 2011


Continuing my new Sunday series of inspiration I have gleaned throughout the week, and things I just plain LOVE.

Stephen King. He's the Man.  He owns his craft.

I'm  a very long time fan of Stephen King, I never have one or two of his books far from hand. And in the last few weeks I have discovered Stephen King audio books. Ooo I can take Stephen along for the ride with me in the car, Stephen is with me whilst I do the mundane chores around the house ( he helped me clean the oven the other day). Stephen makes an otherwise dull trip to the Big Smoke more manageable ( The Gingerbread Girl)  and although the kids and hubby yell at me to turn the ipod down ( apparently they can hear it too? ) a day out in the car with Stephen King and and my crochet and I'm in rapture.

And of course with Christmas coming up quick, my thoughts have turned a wee bit Festive...

Love this bookmark from Simple and Handmade

 Love these pinecone trees from Mom Tatstic

 Make your own snow cones with ArtyAnts.

And CRAFTYNESS you can eat...

 The Pioneer Womans SuperSonic Breakfast Burrioto- yes please. My boys would love these.

And how cute are these? Happy Rainbow Cloud Cake pops?! 
And there is a book, Sweets on a Stick! 

And finally, my copy of the new Aussie mag SEAM arrived . What a lovely little mag.
Stunning pics and interesting people to read about. I think you will enjoy this, I am!

Have a lovely week,

Lisa x


Jane said...

Ooh, Seam looks lovely and I'd never heard of it, thanks for sharing! I haven't read a Stephen King in years but I remember them being always far, far better than I expected. I like these inspiration posts :)

Caroline said...

I used to be a huge fan of Stephen King, but unfortunately when I had the kids, I found I couldnt read them anymore LOL obviously the children were scary enough !

love that bookmark, those feet are hilarious!

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