Friday, October 07, 2011

We all love a good Gawk....

I recently discovered Craft Gawker on my iPhone. ( actually, I think my 11 year old found it first).
How cool, I need never be bored waiting for our Chinese take-away again! I used to look at all those hip young kids- glued to their iPhones  , scrolling and texting..and think " get a life, kids". But, I have seen the other side, and it is pretty neat! Here's some sweet inspiration for Friday..

Such clever ideas, projects and people!

Jump over and have a Gawk!


While They Snooze said...

Thanks for the feature. : ) Cool ideas/projects. - Sarah

Sair said...

I have those ike pillow/cushion covers on my lounge, no wonder the bag looked so familiar!

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