Monday, October 03, 2011

So I killed my overlocker...

Yes I did! I am so annoyed with myself. I had cleaned it , oiled it, and been very nice to it as it had been playing up a bit. Then I had a bit of a mishap whilst sewing chunky knit, got it stuck, tried to remove it, yanked too hard..well, you know how it goes. It's sitting in a corner, am I. I have purchased a cheap second machine- and I hope it gets here QUICK! My step mum has had two overlockers always, and I know a few Crafty Mamas do too. It makes sense I think!

So in the mean time, I will keep cutting out and I do have two quilts I started last year- so maybe I could drag them out. 

I managed to get a few items sewn up for Lil yesterday before the incident. Two Farbenmix IMKES

Lil mooching my table space, gorgeous new Hamburger Liebe knit.

A warmer IMKE with one of my iron on velours- cute little deer. 
Also a pair of Otto trackpants and a pair of yoga pants, both of which were worn on the v?ery same day they were made and are now in the wash. Only my children do this, I am sure.


Zoobeedoobee said...

lol Your children are not the only ones to wear things as soon as they are madeMine do too. lol Fresh from the sewing machine clothes are as good as fresh from the garden veggies. Nothing better, and they know the love that went in to them.

Oksana said...

"Only my children do this, I am sure." -Will you beleive me if I say that not only yours children do that?
There is no chance to have newly made thing clean and tidy after 1 hour of wearing it.....

quilary said...

I've been having "issues" with the tension on my sewing machine, so I feel for you! I'm just dropping by from Blogtoberfest to say hello to fellow bloggers. Enjoy your month of blogging :)

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