Friday, September 09, 2011

Sew UP Wednesday and another Ottobre #303!

As part of our Sew Up Wednesday this week, I managed to whip up 3 Twirl Skirts...

STELLA Turquoise band, Polka dot and Zwergenland knit
 ( on their way to the CM Shop!)

STELLA Turquoise, Vicente knit - all from CM ( of course!)

STENZo knit from CM. 

And my final piece...

An Ottobre Design Creative Workshop #303 in Zwergenland and STELLA.
Excuse the dodgey self portrait! 

LOVE our Sew UP Wednesday's! 

What did you Sew UP?

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gianduia said...

That Zwergenland knit print is so cute! Love the top you made for yourself, Lisa!

I made a start on two Imkes for DD but didn't get much done on Wed. Finished the first one today, hoping to get more done on the second one this arvo.


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