Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Doing a little Farbenmix + Hilco Winter 2011 sewing...

 This is the new Hilco Winter 2011 "ZigZag Sweat ", funky huh? It makes a perfect Farbenmix AMELIE tunic ( hoodless version). It's paired up with some Riviera leggins ( SCKL- back in stock this week!) made from the lovely HILCO Ringel rib knit. And topped off perfectly with a Cheeky Bugs iron velour in Lime.
The AMELIE neckline and sleeves are finished with the Ringel knit also.

Fabric used?
AMELIE in largest size= 1m of ZigZag
RIVIERA leggins in size 152cm = 1m Ringel, with bits left over for trim etc.

Time taken?
Leggins = 30 min from start to finish
AMELIE =30 min tops. ( it's only 2 pieces plus trim!)

One very cool outfit, guaranteed 100% original. (unless you all make one..that'd be ok too!).

~Happy Sewing~

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