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TUTE: Ottobre Design Creative Workshop 301 - Tees to Racer Back Tank

When you are on a good thing, stick with it! Unless of course, you can alter that good thing to make something different! Ottobre Design 301 Creative Workshop is an awesome pattern. 

A very versatile tee pattern, with two options- either straight fit or close fit. I have left the sleeves off it and made numerous tanks. Today's project: a Racer Back Tank!

To make the Racer Back version you will need to adjust your back piece. I chose the straight cut option., so piece #6.

Now, grab yourself something round that is the same size as the armhole...being in the kitchen , I found this dandy bread and butter plate fit pretty well.

Next, decided how far in want your racer concave to go...then mark with a dot. This is for Miss 10, so I don't  want her flashing too much flesh!

 Now, sliding your plate in through the arm hole, so it just touches your "dot". You have now made your arm hole bigger!  Trace around your plate. ( at this point I realized I now have orange Sharpy on my kitchen bench...boy will I get in trouble for this!).

So here is your new BACK piece!

Cut out your back as per usual, along the fold. I am not adding seam allowance to the neckline or armholes as I am going to bind them.

And here all your bits cut out ready to go. BACK, FRONT and Bindings strips.
From here,
1. Sew up one shoulder seam
2. Finish neckline with binding
3. Sew up other shoulder seam
4.Finish one armhole with binding, then the other. 
5. Sew side seams, hem!

Note; this fabric is a cotton/poly, with decent recovery. If your fabric is not quite as zingy, you may want to run a few small gathers around the armhole near centre back, to keep in from bagging.Gather then bind.

All from Crafty Mamas, of course!

Happy Sewing!

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