Monday, March 21, 2011

Doing some little sewing this week...Farbenmix Zvergenverpackung

If you have fallen in love with Farbenmix's style of Euro hooded sweaters and groovy pants and jackets..I dare you to NOT want to sew them in baby size! So cute! ( I think Mr Crafty is a little worried with all these baby clothes happening!)

 design examples from

                     Design examples  kindly borrowed from


The Handmaden said...

Gorgeous stuff!

Sarah said...

Hi There.. I have just found your blog and I am an instant follower!! I love the look at this pattern, but was it hard to put together due to pattern being in German?? I have a 10month old boy that is in need of some jumpers etc for winter. I have also checked out your Ottobre books and am interested in ordering just one of the additions. It's the kids one wth the boy in stripped top under back issues on your online store?? I am also thinking about subscribing too to Ottobre :)

Crafty Mama said...

Hi Sarah, these patterns are very straight forward, and even though in German; there is a full step by step with pics to help on line. I'll be sewing a lot from this pattern1

Ottobre Design is excellent value for money and the patterns are fantastic. If you are a new subscriber, you get a gift of one back issue! Just let me know the issue # when you go through checkout at Crafty Mamas.

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